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Looking for Bot programmers -AutoPlaying roulette interacting with an Excel File

Started by frank64, February 01, 2019, 04:22:50 AM

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hello Everybody!

New here, to ask some support to valuable users to know if an automated operation like following could be developed, for "bot playing" online roulette:
I created some excel spreadsheets with various strategies for playing roulette. These spreadsheets work in common way : clicking over the related last "number button" produced by the roulette, it elaborates and indicates, if there are, which numbers should be bet and the related bet amount (When the system reached the required "game ON" conditions, so just when indicating that "the game is ON")

The procedure should be automated as per following steps:

1 - Clicking on "SPIN" button in the roulette online.
2 - OCR reading of Number that came out
3 - Go over the Active Excel Spreadsheet
4 - Inserting the Number that came out in the Spreadsheet system (it should be done by clicking the related "button number" in the spreadsheet)
5 - After Number Insertion, read, in specific cells of the spreadsheet, after it's elaboration, if there are Numbers to bet (In case they exists are indicated in specific cells) and the bet amount (idem -
indicated in specific cell)
6 - Go back to roulette window and so :
6a : If Numbers and bet amount are existing on the spreadsheet, PLACE BET ON THE RELATED NUMBERS INDICATED IN THE SPREADSHEET and clicking SPIN button (Bot  does not need to
evaluate if win, if loss, the won or loose amount etc, due this elaboration is performed by Excel spreadsheet internally - it just needs, each time, to place the indicated Bets and play Spin Button)
6b : If No Numbers to play are indicated on the spreadsheet - just click SPIN button, so doing continuosly this two "interacting softwares" check.

I just wanted to indicate all the steps, even if I can recognize that this should be a common logical procedure for a BOT system.

Any help would be much appreciated.




hello, thank you very much for your useful informing reply, will follow your suggestion.