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why win and why lost?

Started by RouletteRoy, February 06, 2019, 07:00:45 PM

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In summary of win and lost

Let start with lost

(1) short of cash , if you have 100$ then want to win 1000 if difficult, most of the time it die before the win hit.
(2) Only single player machine, as i mention many time, when one player , casino kill direct single target most of the time.
(3) Lack of sleep
(4) Even win bet, win earn 10-20% of total bet and lost can be 100% of chip, this is too risky
(5)Distraction, of people around, play to show people and forget to focus on win .
(6) Hurry up and in a rush ,
(7)Time up and not enough time to bet some extra number for some insurance bet
(8) stuck with fit mind of due, expecting some number to win forever and less of flexibility or realistic.
(9) Hot temper and bet win lost ratio did not as plan
(10) Unlimited goal and limited cash, did not cash out and keep 80% when win  and keep on gambling till lost last penny.


Thanks for the post, it lists almost all the main reasons for losing at roulette and most of them match my experience, especially I agree about the point about playing with a cool head and not rushing to win back, you will most likely end up losing money.