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RB script newbie question

Started by nordanland, March 07, 2020, 02:46:57 PM

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I am a newbie, struggling with RB-script to make a system, built on sectors. I define a sector with the List parameter; like this List[1,2,3,4] etc. An example might look like this:

System “sector”
Method “main”begin
If List[1,2,3,4] has not hit for 5 times a row
Put 1 unit on List[1,2,3,4]

So far, so good. But what happens is: 1. If a number within the List hits the system just does not go on looking for a new possibility to bet. The same happens if the five spins give no hit and the bet is done. No more looking for a bet situation. To me it is a bit hard to understand. If you use Dozen instead of List â€" the system will start all over again with a new session. And that is what I would like to happen.  I would like the system to spin on again and again regardless of a hit or no hit. This happens if you use Dozens instead. And to me as a newbie this does not really seem logical. Also if you use the command: “If List[1,2,3,4] has hit after 5 times …” it gives you an error and the system is halted. But with Dozens it works … Well, I would be happy if someone here could change my script above to work in a proper way. That is: If no hit after five times in a row, bet and automatically start a new session. If a hit do the same.  ;-)