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ABC Atila low Calories
September 03, 2008, 03:01:19 PM
This is another microgame posted for Manrique , i will like to add it only work when is winning if it start to lose, better we do another thing.

The ABC system it work like this:

We chose 5 numbers , on 5 diferent lines.

You play that lines , and each time you win you write down +1

When you lose you write -5 and you stop playing the first of the five lines and you move that one to the corner with the number you chose on that line , all other location will remain the same.

If you win with the corner you erase the -5 and write -1
If you win with the lines you erase -5 and put -4

As long you win you continue erasing until you cancel all loses.

If you start to lose you move each time 1 chip to the next board position , corners once all 5 are on corners , we evolve 1 by 1 to streets , splits and finally straights.

Each time you recover , the microgame can be restart.

We always play 5 chips , thats why is the paradox of manrique because is the atila progression without the amount increase.

I recomend each 10 spins as long balance is positive no matter the position we are we restart from lines.

Manrique, the poet




Corner LINE LINE LINE LINE if lose

Corner Corner Line line line if lose

Corner Corner Corner line line if lose

Corner Corner corner corner line ir lose

corner corner corner corner corner if lose

street corner corner corner corner etc.......

Just anoter basic tool.

Slow motion Falling Master


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Re: ABC Atila low Calories
September 03, 2008, 04:40:30 PM



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Re: ABC Atila low Calories
September 03, 2008, 05:57:52 PM
Excellent post Swarm - thanks!

Albert Einstein - "If I was given a problem and had 30 days to solve it, I would spend 29 days defining the problem and only 1 day solving it."


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