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Slot advice

Started by Talesman, September 11, 2008, 06:07:26 PM

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Myths about slots; use of player's cards; hot, cold and loose machines; machine placement and the like abound across the Net as well as in many gaming circles.

If you want STRAIGHT advice I suggest you check the following links.


I like this site. It was written by Michael Bluejay who seems to be joined at the hip with Mike Shackleford (Wizard of Odds). I like the site because virtually everything is on one page. Way to go Michael!!! (he hates to be called Mike or Mikey so please respect that).

Bluejay is one smart dude. He and I are close to a 98%-99% agreement as to the data he presents.

While I am not selling any sort of system I could probably beat his posted challenge, I can't and no one could. Simply because, while the premise is good, IMHO it is poorly crafted and seriously weighted heavily in his favor. I prefer a more level playing field.  Put that aside, read his stuff and learn

See if you can find his picture....I swear he resembles "Tiny Tim' of musical fame. Agree?


Jon Robison and I have had our differences both publicly and privately. I still totally and unequivocally respect almost every word he has printed over the years. Our personal differences aside (which are minor), reading his archives is a must for a serious slot player and especially a must for the casual player. You'll not find anything better anywhere in the world as far as pure and true info goes. Too bad you have to read one posting at a time.


John Grochowski writes about a lot about casino games and slots are only a small portion of what he covers. What he does cover is generally excellent. He, like I, goes to G2E annually and chats with the purveyors of the games as well as the techs who are on the floor. I don't know if does what I do to get "insider" info but regardless of how our methods may differ in that respect he has not only a handle on the machines but on the industry as a whole. I have yet to find anything major I can take issue with in regard to his slot machine writings.

Keep tuned to this forum. I may soon be telling you what very popular table game may be equivalent to or perhaps worse than playing the slots. And I am looking forward to the fireworks when I do present my hypothesis.