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This is an extremely interesting approach, which I have studied extensively.
Let me tell you it's weak spot.
The problem is that there are many ways one can go down 50 units flat betting.
For example betting Red, you can be down 50 units

A. after 100 spins (75 Blacks, 25 Reds)  the dispression is very strong in this case
B. after 250 spins (150 Blacks, 100 Reds) the dispression is softer in this case

The approach you described can be very profitable when you lost that 50 units after a strong dispression in relatively few spins, but it can be a trap if you lost the 50 units after many spins and a soft dispression. Because in the later does not guaranttties a correction will happen soon.

Still, with a few tweaks, this is one of the best negative progression approaches there are, along with 6-point divisior and a couple others.


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By the way Kav, how did this work out for you over the years? I'm just curious if you were able to find huge success using this.