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Started by nireaper, November 29, 2008, 11:07:13 PM

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List of all systems with system id, brief outline and links to test results and link to .dgt rx file. Any system that has an extension after file name is a variation of that system, not necessarily an improvement , just a variation that might be of interest.

System IDSystem Details Test ResultsRX File
1005System waits a selected number of spins without there being a repeating dozen. viewdownload
1004System waits on not hitting a repeat number for x amount of spins and then bets using progression that eventually a number will repeat itself. viewdownload
1003_bVariation of system 1003 viewdownload
1003EC betting system using distribution or red/even and black/odd viewdownload
1002Wait for a Dozen to hits (x) number of times in (y) number of spins and then bet for that dozen to hit viewdownload
1001Wait for a Column or Dozen to miss for X amount of spins and then bet it will hit viewdownload