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Started by nireaper, November 30, 2008, 07:38:07 PM

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Simple system , with a certain number of spins if a dozen only hits a selected number of times then bet this dozen to reappear. Basic outline of this system as example if you choose 36 spins you would expect a dozen to hit 12 times, therefore if you select a much lower number eg. 5 hits then you hope that that dozen will catch up with the other two dozens within your progression. If you are testing I would advise to use much larger spin numbers than 36 , I have found approx 100 spins to give reasonable results.



Testing of nireaper_1002




Hit a bad spot in test 3 , it did win the bet but it was placing a bet of £105 to bring total drawdown to £314 which is over the limit of £200 i set for my systems.

System has possibly some potential but needs more testing with a few variations - maybe stoploss , or play 5 deep into progression if lose reset tracking but increase starting bet of progression until back in profit.