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Started by nireaper, December 06, 2008, 12:25:20 PM

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System waits on not hitting a repeat number for x amount of spins and then bets using progression that eventually a number will repeat itself.



Testing waits for 250 spins without a number repeat and then bets using progression that number will repeat itself.




Good work, buddy! Thanks for sharing.
It's much appreciated, really.

I have a quick question. How many bets have you made at all? During these ~700,000 spins?
I assume no more than 30, if I get your charts correctly. Sorry if I'm wrong. Thank you!



Hi mistarlupo ..

You're right there is very few bets placed with this system. In the test spin 2 sequence there are only 25 instances where I would start betting , obviously each instance follows a progression so I can tell you total number of bets placed. This doesnt sound alot of betting opportunities but its all about the goal that I have set myself of being able to make a profit of £10 per 100k spins - so its about finding a safe system. If you divide all the betting amounts by 10 it equates to starting with a bet unit of 10p - the maximum drawdown is £100 but total outstanding of £200 , the system doesnt make the grade as far I what Im after but have been playing about with a few variations - hope to get them posted soon.