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Started by nireaper, December 06, 2008, 09:53:06 PM

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System 1005

No repeating dozen.
System waits a selected number of spins without there being a repeating dozen , then bets using standard dozen progression that dozen will appear.



Testing system waiting 20 spins with dozen repeat.



As seen by test 2 we hit a long run without a repeating dozen. Our progression took us to spin 36 ,there wasnt a repeating dozen until spin 38 (if you had been playing against rng for money you would swear it cheated).

Possibilities would be to increase number of spins to wait before betting or either lower amount of step in progression (stoploss) or implement another mm system.


I limited the progression of this system to

This results in a stoploss of 92 units.
Still testing here with waitin 20 spins


As seen above even though system takes a knock the stoploss limits damage and sysem is able to recover.
Will test using test 3 spins and post results ....

results as to be expected - not very good


If you were optimistic the system still shows a profit - but from looking at the graph a third hit on the stoploss is likely which would put you negative again.