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Started by Breeze88, January 05, 2009, 11:28:25 PM

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Hi All

here are some VB videos.. check them out
unfortunally all are in german language....

the first video shows a tool where you can train your VB and it has some options to change the speed of the wheel , the ball and if it runs clockwise or counter clockwise.. and stuff...


this video should be a some kind of commercial from a man who made a tool , that you can use at the table . to predict the number..
for more information.. email the address in the end.. maybe i will send him a mail..



I know the first, never seen the second. I think the first maybe a good program to learn VB, it's also affordable 30,- if I remember correct. The second I doubt. I don't think you can play VB behind your computer with a program. I think it's a skill you have to develop yourself and you can only apply at the table. And in most casinos electronic device are not welcome. Here's the link nolinks://nolinks.roulette-spiel.com/roulette-lern-modell-fur-kesselgucker-rlm/


very very interesting... I like the second one  :thumbsup:


I haven`t seen the second video before but it looks like a dealers signature tracking device, and pretty much with basis in Basiuex`s work.  The computer is just the electronic results and analyse.

Looks like he is matching cross over numbers as in Basieux`s "Vereinfachte kesselgucker methode" when using the "Uhr model" (watch model). Although its not quite how you would track them when playing. Basieux had in the early stages also a large sheet with 37 x 37 pocket distances as shown in the video. Also "Croupiers handschrift" means dealers signature.

But i don`t know.


kelly do you know what was that big chart @1.57  ?


Well as i see it, you got the wheel layout numbers horizontally and again vertically. When you match them both ways, with the ruler,  you get the pocket distance. Pretty much the same principle as the 3 number sector chart i posted in another thread, here just used with single numbers.  The drawings in the movie, also has much similarity with the Basieux drawing style used in his older books. They could belong to the original system scripts he sold before he decided to put some of them in his books.

The watch model is new to me though, but the drawed wheel that he turns with the pencil is also shown in 1 of his books. Actually he has embedded 2 "wheels" that you can copy and print out and then with a scissor cut them both out and fit them together so you got 2 wheels that can be turned in both directions and basicly replaces the large 37x37 number sheet and at the same time being much more handy and easy to use.

What puzzels me is that the numbers embedded in the sheet seems to be linear and not a closed 37 pocket circuit, so the exact meaning is still a bit of a mystery.



That second device looks familiar both in looks and in handling ;)
(Action Play's "Dealer Signature Tracker")

The AP's original disc (not the one in the thread) has three places ("O"s) for dots for each number.
So does the wooden one, for pins.