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Why do you play worse...

Started by Worm, January 16, 2009, 03:02:58 PM

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...after reading a poker book? strange but I seem to play worse after I have read a poker book..


The first poker book I read made me play my absolute best. Mind you I had plenty of time to digest the content before I jumped into a game, but when I did my observations and awareness were better than they had ever been in my life. But I do think that the more you read the more likely you are to out-think yourself. So reading a book can hurt you in that respect. Alot of times going with your gut is the most important thing, not so much calculating when to slowplay and bluff based on odds and stuff. I always looked at poker books as a tool to go back to when you feel you aren't playing your best, and are in a losing streak. Alot of the times when you refer back you find the answers you are looking for. Just my take on things.

- DJ


what i find is after reading books/tips etc, you start to rely more on the tips than your instinct.as we know poker is all about situational play so in a sense no two hands will ever be the same. the content in a book will generalise different plays and situations but its all to easy to apply the info to every situation. im not really an expert on poker so this example might be garbage but ill try and explain my point. in the book it may tell you about a play that people do called coming 'over the top' generally known to be the strongest play in poker, so lets say your heads up and 'in position' now you see the flop and the player opposite has to act first, now he checks, you raise and he re-raises, thats coming in over the top, generally because its a strong play its a good situation to bluff, thats what the book will tell you but it cant tell you is how to deal with it. alot depends on what hand you have, how many cards are still to be seen, what the best hand could be, the size of the pot etc.

so the info is basically just there as a rough guideline, when you start to depend on the information abit too much, thats when it can affect your game for the worse rather than for the better.

i read alot of hints and tips but i wont read a bulk of information on poker because i know it hinders my play, its not the same for everyone because myself im a practical learner, i dont absorb info from books, the tips need to be short and sweet for me to remember them, and most of the time i play purely on instinct, no trying to work out pot odds and no trying to read the cards, i keep it simple as possible in my head because i overlook things when trying to do to many things at once, especially on the internet because of the time limits.

the best tips i can give is, firstly, watch alot of poker on tv, you get a feel of how pros think, i like to try and get inside there head in a way, also even though i play up to $3/$6 blinds i also play alot on the 1c/2c blinds because its good to brush up on nice solid poker, it keeps me sharp on the basics and can be fun if you find a loose table. also if you play on the internet, i play at 888.com (pacific poker) i find there are alot more beginners hang out here than in the other poker rooms, easier to win money.

ive rambled on abit here but hopefully there is something useful in there lol.