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system test

Started by pauljwpa, November 24, 2007, 10:19:13 PM

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hi could anyone take some time to test this system i have been using

ok its a simple system not for everyone

i cant test it myself i have not got any real numbers to work with

ok dealer spins it lands on number lets just say number 18

ok i take five numbers to the left of 18 then five numbers to the right

this gives me numbers 22-9-31-14-20   18   29-7-28-12-35

ok i now split the bets on each number lets say number 22 that would split with 25

number 19 would split with 32 and so on

( a split bet is where you put a chip between two numbers like 22-25 )

now dealer spins if i hit one of my 22 numbers i win seven chips

if i lose i lose 11

it has been going fine for me so far no progression

think i have just been lucky :P


Hi Pauljwpa,
Good thinking mate,This should work,I dont want to change the system but if you rather bet 18# s straight up instead of adding the splits would give you an even payout and you would be covering one half of the wheel.This would be to your advantage if the dealer was favouring a certain sector,lets say for instance the dealer hit an 18  dont bet straight away as he might go away and come back say he hits a 11 on the other side of the wheel then comes back and hits a 9 two pockets away from the 18 now you can lay your bets for maybe 2 or 3 flat bets on those 18 # s.If the dealer is bouncing from one side of the wheel to the other he is giving you a random play which you do not want if you play this way rather wait and see if he is hitting a tight sector once,twice, or three times,the dealer could return a couple of times,and then go away.Just a thought I will do a couple of trys with your system and let you know how it goes.Thanks for sharing.


Hi Pauljwpa,
Shoudnt it be: 20-14-31-9-22-18-29-7-28-12-35