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Started by Ronjo, November 25, 2007, 03:08:21 AM

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Hi Herb,
This is for you,nice chatting to you in the chat room with all the lads,only thing missing was the beer otherwise a good party LOL.Good point you brought up when I said its a pity those deflectors were in the way of the balls path,and you said they could be used to the players advantage you are absolutely right,especially when there is a tllt in the wheel the vertical deflector could help us ,but to find a wheel in that condition will be very rare I am afraid, they were not put there to make the wheel preety and used as ornaments, with the modern wheel today they are manufactured to avoid those biases it would be like saying a "TAGUAR WATCH" OR "MERCEDES BENZ" was faulty in those two examples very rare, the same as a high tech,precision cast wheel machined to perfection.on occasion I have noticed the ball hitting the same deflector frequently and dropping staight down to one of five or six pockets under the vertical deflector but very rare I would rather get on with playing than take the time to look for these conditions.