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Millionaire School: Lesson 2 - Bonus Bagging
February 18, 2009, 05:27:10 PM



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Hi Alarian,

I mentioned that the 1st roulette book that I bought ever touch on the subject of bonus bagging.Christopher Pawlicki's get the edge at roulette calls his bonus bagging method the infalliable roulette system.How he does it is based on a deposit of $1000 and $100 bonus

1. Bet $1 splitting the zeros
2. Bet $9 on red
3. Bet $9 on black

in a few hours of play you have a guaranted profit of $42 and you can 200 odd casinos offering this sort of same programme and you could bag a potient $8000.00 in 3 to 6 months depending how much time you play.

I also google a bit on this bonus bagging and some sites offer one time bonus while some offer monthly bonus,I guess with the use of a bot,we need to spend much time playing that often by using a bot to play.
However I do not believe some sites which claim they can meet the wagering conditions within 2 to 3 hours unless that's RNG black jack.

Just sharing some info