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Bob's 00 discussion

Started by simon, May 11, 2009, 02:43:42 PM

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Like i asked in the original thread can we be sure that the coding was using random numbers and not actuals? Why 1-1/2 million why not 1 or 2

I would like to believe that this system is a mechanical one, however should Bob have found a way to predict where the ball lands using a version of VB or DS, and I am starting to realise that there are many ways to skin a cat, then the columns would have been a good way to bet on either half of the wheel both quickly and efficiently without having to play twister.

In respect of the end seat, Laurance Scott talks of the benefits of sitting at the end of the table from a VB perspective, in respect of both the physical and  psychological (under the radar) points of view.



"Bob" says... "If you would concentrate on the 0-00 wheel layout vs. the european layout, you would have an edge on the casinos..."

When I look at the 00 wheel layout vs. the european layout, what I see is that the 0 wheel numbers alternate red and black perfectly around the wheel (so that if you removed the 0 you would still have red and black every other pocket), but the 00 wheel has two blacks around the 0 and two reds around the 00 (so that if you removed the zeroes you would still have a clump of 2 blacks and 2 reds interrupting the pattern of red and black every other pocket on the 00 wheel.)

Why didn't "the Americans" just throw the 00 between the red 5 and black 10?  If they had, they would still have an equal amount of red and black numbers (9 each) on each side of the 0 and 00, the zeroes would still be opposite each other, and the numbers would alternate red and black around the wheel.

How come the "Europeans" have 36 red and black numbers alternating around the wheel, and "the Americans" managed to take the same 36 numbers and screw them up somehow so that you end up with 2 red and 2 black next to each other on the wheel?

Reminds me of an insult we have around here... "... you could f*** up a crow-bar!"



 After reading this tread very carefully it does indeed seems certain that Bob is using Visual Balistics...and the columns as an rapid way of beting a sector of the wheel on the 00 reoulette. And the end chair fits this assumption perfectly..there you can quickly put a bet or take a bet from a column at the last moment.

 So lets get perfecting our VB skills ...:)

  After posting i remembered something.. He had the system coded, so it has to be a mechanical bet....no VB there...
  I thought i had a good conclusion, now im confused :).. Maybe Dealer Signature then ?