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Simpler 2x crossover

Started by shasta, May 14, 2009, 10:59:42 PM

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Hi guys - this is my second post - good for me!  Anyway, i have a question and a tip. 

Question - does the 2x crossover pattern overcomplicate things? I have been testing a system that is a bit simpler.  I watch the ball as it passes 12 oclock and note the reference number on the wheel, then as the ball does a lap, i note where the ref number is.  What i'm looking for is when the ref number (ie the wheel) has moved exactly 1/4 turn for one lap of the ball.  This a bit easier than the full 2x crossover, but does the same thing and doesnt waste time as we approach 'no more bets'.  Note you can still see the 'pattern' emerging as with the 2x crossover, ie the first ball rotation might see the ref number move 1/8 of a turn, then you note the new ref number (again at 12 oclock as the ball passes by again) and assess its position after the ball does another lap etc.  If this second (or third or so) ref number moves more than 1/4 turn during another ball lap then you know that the ref number you are looking for is between (on the wheel) the last two ref numbers.

The difficult part is to train your eyes to assess movement of the ref number (ie exactly 1/4 turn or not) at the same time as picking the next ref number at 12 oclock as the ball passes again.  I've only been practicing for a few days and i'm getting much better at it.

You obviously apply this technique to wheels that you assess as going the same speed to ensure the most accurate predictive outcome.

Tip: i have loaded 1. 5 hours of live roulette spins (a video some Aussie dude posted on the net) on my video iPod and i watch it on the train to and from work.  This way my eyes and brain get exposure everyday to the process of assessing the wheel and ball location etc.  As i said i'm getting much better.



Please explain the crossover.

Thank you.


Hello there ,

Does anyboby can help me about 2x or 4x crossover pattern??

Its a easy way without needed to count wheel speed.

But you have four possible areas (like a cross) for ball's drop.

How i can see the only ONE areas from these four???

    with regards