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When to Exit a 4Selecta session

Started by Mr Chips, May 18, 2009, 02:37:56 PM

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Mr Chips


I have had some emails over the past few months concerning when to exit during a 4Selecta session. Again just recently a PM
about the same problem. As 4Selecta has been moved to this section, I will try and explain here the various reasons for considering
when to exit a session, whether a winning or losing session.
4Selecta is a constructive system, which means it has many components in terms of the way it has been designed to take advantage
of repeat numbers, by the use of select spins. It's flexibility in providing a Main Table, so that different numbers at different times can
be used, with the opportunity of selecting numbers that hit and win on more than one occasion and therefore increasing profits from
such numbers, with the addition of increased unit bets. There is also information available, which is useful, when deciding to exit a
winning and losing session. Also there is minimum loss strategy especially concerning  approx -50 units.
The target to exit 4Selecta, whether a winning or losing session is between 90 and 130 spins. On a number of occasions it will make
sense to exit earlier, if say + 100 units at spin 40, it wouldn't make any sense to have this profit reduced to +30 at spin 90 and therefore
a decision to exit, with a reduced profit of + 60 units would be a reasonable result.
When evaluating a session you have to look at the groups of available numbers. Have most of the hits come from just one group of
numbers, say for example the lower group. As the session progresses the unit bets will get larger from this group and if the bet is 10 units,
they may not necessarily have the most wins and that is an important consideration, when deciding on an exit. There are times when the
C column is in the lead and will select group numbers that have say 4 numbers compared with largest group of 10 numbers. In such
circumstances you would achieve a number of what I call "cheap bets", that would get you to around spin 90, with a much reduced loss,
with the chance of a win and a break even or small profit result. The Main Table will on occasions show 3 or 4 of the columns level for
much of the session, this could indicate a losing session and therefore an important consideration when evaluating the session.
The C column will often be in the lead, but not necessarily produce sufficient wins, so in a losing session it's important to be aware of this
situation. It may or may not be possible to activate the C Table in such circumstances.
As the session nears the 90 spin target, if there have been no wins then the -50 minimum loss must be considered and most probably
implemented and an exit here. There will be occasions when the -50 will occur earlier in the session, that is when every piece of info
must be considered, as described above, as to whether to continue the session or are there some positive signs that the session should
Anyone who wants to use the 4Selecta system must practice a number of sessions, so the above becomes very familiar and it will get
easier and easier to evaluate a session at any time. It is important to understand that this system has been designed to make a profits
in the long term from a number of sessions. There is no facility for making big wins ( the maximum win is expected to be around 200 units)
or large losses (the maxim loss worse case scenario approx -100 units).
I will be posting 10 sessions that will comment at every 5 select spins, so that anyone interested in the sort of decisions I would make in
both winning and losing sessions. It should help you to understand how I would consider the available information in a session and
therefore when to exit.

Mr Chips

Following on from the previous post I will set out below some notes, which will comment on a number of sessions at every 5 select
spins or so. When playing 4Selecta at a casino I will constantly do checks for accuracy, that the Main Table, available numbers and
recording the results at each select spin all agree and also will evaluate the session, gaining info, which will eventually make for a
decision, when to exit a winning or losing session.
I would recommend working through each of the sessions and look at the comments and this will give you a good idea how to evaluate
a session and how to arrive at a decision, as to when to exit a session.
2.5.08 Spielbank Table 3
A good start, but would prefer not to have the same group of available numbers.
At select spin 10, early profit gone. The 7 unit bets are high at this early stage in the session and with just two available numbers from
the other groups, there is little chance of lower bets.
At select spin 15 the session has deteriorated further. Bets for the M group of available numbers now 8 units. MG numbers had a hit,
but HG was in the lead. MG, HG, C almost level.
There are no positive signs in this session, only increasingly negative ones. The bets are now 10 units for the M group of numbers. Usually
there would be some smaller bets to reach spin 85, but this is unlikely in this session.
HG and C are level in the Main Table and MG dominates the session, with increasing losses. This has to be the right time to exit, with a minimum
loss of -52 units,it meets with the -50 approx criteria.

At select spin  5 there is an available number for all three groups, a good start.
At select spin 10 it's good to be in profit at this stage. This will ensure a minimum loss if necessary. A hit from another group is noted. A bit
unusual nothing showing in the C column! This could be a problem in the future, if it decides to catch up. The bets are reasonable.
At select spin 15 now showing a small loss. The group sections are level in the Main Table, which is not a good sign. No further hits. Very
strange still nothing showing in the C column. A good selection of available numbers from each of the groups. Bets are still reasonable.
At select spin 20 a number of C sections have now come in one after the other and confirms my note above in select spin 10. The L and M
group numbers are 8 and 7 unit bets respectively and all indications point to a probable losing session.
At select spin 25 there were two wins, but still showing a small loss. I think getting to this stage, almost breaking even is not a bad result.
Looking back over the session there was -5 units, -3, -5 and now -4 units. The session has reached spin 90. It's the right time to exit this
At select spin 5 straight forward so far, just H numbers to come in.
At select spin 10 in profit, so minimum loss is guaranteed if necessary. C column has taken off, so important to check C Table agrees with
the C column, in case it has to be activated later in the session. Bets  are low.
At select spin 15 another win and from a different group number. A good selection of available numbers. Bets are still low. Positive signs for
this session.
At select spin 20 there is a tricky decision to make. Should the session end here, as in the previous session. There is a big difference here, as
this is a positive session. The most profit so far in this session +34 and not enough at this stage to take a small profit, taking into account the
wins. If +50 or +60 had shown, then would exit at +20. In a positive session more times than not it's correct to continue, even though
occasionally it will end with a minimum loss. Will have to watch how high the bets go from now on.
At select spin 25 it could be the session will end with a minimum loss of -50 approx. Bets not quite into double figures so hanging in there.
At select spin 29 was proved right and the session ends in profit at +31 units.

At select spin 5 there is the usual opening. L numbers still to come in.
At select spin 10 showing a loss, but bets are reasonable. A good selection of available numbers.
At select spin 15 still showing a loss and at the critical point of minimum loss -50. An exit has to be considered here. Just one hit so far.
A good selection of numbers for all groups. If the bets were high, then a definite exit, but as they are low, experience of such losses at
this stage , favours continuing in the expectation of a win.
At select spin 20 just 3 hits, but no wins. Main Table completely level, indicating a losing session. If the bets were in double figures then
exit here. If no wins by select spin 25, then exit with a probable loss of approx -100.
At select spin 25 the first win brings the loss to under -100. Just one group of numbers in double figure bets. This will be the deciding
factor now. High bets then exit before select spin 30.
At select spin 28 a 3 unit bet and win saved the session at -7, almost breaking even. The low bets in this session helped the decision
making process to continue to a satisfactory result.
At select spin 5 an available number from each group. C is likely to dominate the session. Always check C Table agrees with C column in the
Main Table.
At select spin 10 first hit but no win. Bets are low. Even choice of available numbers.
At select spin 15 a couple of wins and a very promising session. Bets are still reasonable
At select spin 20 another win. Bets not yet into double figures. There could well be a catch up soon from the other section groups. Should
retain some profit from this session.
At select spin 25 will exit at just over +100 units. Such sessions ensure the profitability of 4Selecta.
At select spin 5 missed out on an early win C intervened. An available number from each group.
At select spin 10 a win and confirms MG's winning and leading status. A win will ensure a minimum loss if necessary.
At select spin 15 C more than made up for it's intervention earlier, with a 2 unit bet and win. 2 hits at this stage, both M available numbers.
Must take a profit from this session, with 60+ units having shown.
At select spin 20 another win, but the bets for the M available numbers is now 11 units and all hits are with this group of available numbers.
Have reached 60+ twice, so it would be a good time to take the profit and exit here.
At select spin 5 a good start with a win. Just M numbers still to appear. This win will ensure a minimum loss if necessary.
At select spin 10 no more hits, but bets are very low, therefore retaining much of the earlier profit. An equal selection of available numbers.
a promising session.
At select spin 15 just the one hit still. Earlier profit gone and session unit level. The Main Table shows 3 section group level, a possible loss
At select spin 20 back in profit and bets are still low. A good selection of available numbers. Still a positive session.
At select spin 25 a very good session. 11 unit bets for H numbers makes the decision to exit here the correct one, and take an excellent profit
of +143 units.

At select spin 5 usual start, no H numbers yet.
At select spin 10 no hits, bets still reasonable.

At select spin 15 no wins just one hit. This session doesn't look very promising, getting close to the -50 possible minimum loss. 3 of the  section
groups in the Main Table almost level.
At select spin 20 still no wins, just 2 hits. The bets are reasonable at this stage of the session. Three section groups in the Main Table still
almost level.
At select spin 25 a definite loss for this session. The only positive thing left is bets are still in single figures, but must exit soon.
At select spin 28 a 2 unit bet wins and reduces the loss, but unfortunately a bit above the -50 approx minimum loss. Cannot risk further losses
with bets in double figures , so must exit here at -72 units. A tough session.
At select spin 5 usual start, available numbers from each group.
At select spin 10 a win therefore it will ensure a minimum loss if necessary. The section groups in the Main Table are about equal, so hopefully
that will change at this early stage.
At select spin 15 profit now lost. Bets are low. 4 hits. The downside is the section groups are still about equal. There are more positive signs
than negative, so hopefully there will be a further win
At select spin 20 just in profit. Bets at this stage of the session are still very reasonable. The downside is still the level section groups,but as
the session has made a profit, despite the level sections, the session is still positive.
At select spin 23 a 2 unit bet and win. Looking back over the session the profit on 2 occasions went into a loss. Would not want to lose this
increased profit so exit here.

Mr Chips

The following session is a good example of when the C Table is activated. Such sessions can be rare, but on those occasions when the
opportunity arises it will minimise losses even further and of course increase the long term profits.
It is recommended to go through this session in detail as it is very instructive.
spielbank 29.4.08 Table 3
16 x2, 36x2, 18, 35,8x3, 26x3
27x2, 9, 7

10,3x2, 30, 1, 19
5, 22
C Table

select spins,section groups,+/- 
2,36, - 1
3,18, - 3
4,35, - 6
5,10, - 10
6,3, - 14
7,8, - 15
8,5, - 17
9,22, - 18
10,26, - 23
11,26, - 25
12,27, - 27
13,27, + 1
14,30, - 1
15,1, - 3
16,9, - 5
17,8, - 9
18,3, - 20 A
19,36, + 5
20,19, - 7
21,16, + 17
22,26, + 76
23,8, + 134 E
24,7, + 119 units
A is for activating C Table
E is for ending the C Table

Mr Chips