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How to beat a rigged RNG

Started by birdhands, November 25, 2010, 09:13:36 AM

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Danish online casinos has to apply for a real casino license... Sites like Betsafe and betfair has been approved and as a person who has played almost 30k spins real money on betsafe.dk i can tell you im not scared if they are rigged because if they are it must be the worst rigged software in history lol


Good point right there. Somehow, I still now that there's still a way though to beat those.


I'm working on how to use the other players to trigger a counter measure then bet with the countermeasure.

Ex, some will bet green heavily or specific numbers only causing machine to avoid those for a long time,. Once they leave the machine will hit those numbers right away and depending how long it was avoiding will continue hitting them till the std Dev stats flatten out again. 
Knowing this I can bet those numbers n win.  Problem is I have to stay below their bet amount. 

Another is when they bet all in a dozen area,. It let's them win for a while then triggers countermeasure, you can tell exactally when it starts, so bet what they are not. But again, for less money.

I also aggree with the hit n run concept . Go in wait till u like the pattern, bet high first spin, lower bet each time after cause odds go up that pattern will stop with each next spin.   Double or triple your seed in 5 to 10 spins, cash out n go next casino before they notice or react. 

Face recognition us used for security but not sure if it's tied in with gaming. 

If you have a pattern bet it will remember it and react to it .   So play dumb then when time is right bet pattern.  But now pattern will trigger counter measure.

I too can trigger countermeasure on demand,. Try this:
1.5 coins on red. 1 coin on col 1 n col 2.
That leaves 6 not covrred 4 black in col 3 n 2 green .  But it pisses the machine off and no matter how much you bet it will hit unbet numbers, provided it was late nite n not been played for a while.   I tried second station to bet those 6 heavely but it took lesser of two evils.

Food for thought.


Hi Guys I'm new here but not to playing roulette....been playing for ten yrs now....there is a way of beating the RNG
Just want your input on one thing here first....how easy would you say it is to take a £1 from the casino playing on RNG ??..... Kevin


Hello guys, I was reading your conversations about RNG and noticed that some great Roulette players here actually believes that the Electronics air brush roulette have RNGs while the dealer wheel roulette do not and are preaching that the dealer roulette are safer to play. I am here to challenge that notion and announce to you that both roulettes have RNGs. I know this from my years of data collecting before playing. I prefer playing the electronics roulette but before I play I always collect the past play data of all the other 4 dealer machines including that of  the electronics one I intend to play on and analyze all to sieve out the affinities of these numbers to themselves for the moment. I don´t ever play roulette without doing that, it gives me the confidence to bet high on some numbers and helps me a great deal in my predicatability.  Years of data collection has taught me a lot, it is that same number affinities going on in the electronics machine that goes on in the dealer wheel machine. Infact there was a day I was standing by a dealer wheel machine and saw a string of six numbers that played together at the electronics machine like 7 minutes ago expressing themselves together in the dealer wheel machine. I was blown away. These and more evidences abound. I have some data I can screen grab and show who wants to see. It is the same RNG generator these two types of machines are using, trust me.  :good:


I have this other casino I go to that equally have the television roulette that has virtual on-the-screen wheel. As soon as I am walking into their door, I am data-grabbing any roulette data in that room knowing already that they are all coming from a central unit in the casino and that if 33,8,0 partners are flaring for that day that you will see them flowing together and connecting whether on the dealer wheel machine, electronics wheel machine or the on-the screen virtual wheel roulette. And that is how I grab and mark down my numbers when playing. Nobody uses daily/seasonal number affinities like I do. It is the closest thing, the closest estimation to the holy grail you all seek. My only problem is money management and stubbornness that makes it hard for me to break away when I´m losing. I am working to overcome that, if you remove that from the equation....I am the Roulette Boss Chick especially that moment I am done analyzing the number affinities and pattern from the collected data.....I am killing them numbers, you know. Yeah, I am good like that yet Roulette has a way of humbling us all. Only fools make boast on it.  :D :give_rose: :give_heart: The dealer wheel roulette, Electronics wheel roulette, virtual on-the-screen wheel roulette are all using RNGs. I am wishing that these great noble members of this forum that have been in this thread in the past can return for us to look into what I am saying here. Playing the dealer wheel roulette does not protect you from the adjustability and other control measures the casinos use on the roulette machines sometimes to prevent customers from winning too much and putting them out of business.