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Celtic Casino - Very big issue, stolen money

Started by Khuzev, April 05, 2011, 01:49:11 AM

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Nathan Detroit

Piy bosses >>>>>>>>> It`s  NOT what they see ........it`s  what they THINK they see. :diablo:

Nathan Detroit


Hello there,

As I gave it at every point in that crisis, I'm going to communicate with openess again, so here is the resolution e-mail sent by Celtic Casino to me :

----- Original Message -----
From: Celtic Support
To: 'xxx xxx'
Cc: 'Celtic Support'
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 12:29 AM (GMT+2)
Subject: RE: Celtic Casino - in order to help your technical support (Live Ticket LC0950 and more)

Hello xxx,

We have now had ample time to research this issue and have identified what happened.  


An individual from a Canadian IP address obtained your login credentials, logged in and maliciously spent your balance on live baccarat.  We can confirm that there were no breaches into our system whereby any player information was compromised – as far as we can tell this individual in Canada obtained just your user login from an unknown source – possibly access to your email account, but it is very hard for us to speculate.  We have blocked the IP address range which the culprit was utilizing.


1.        As with most online sites, our policy is to put the responsibility of protecting login credentials onto the user and we rarely, if ever, make exceptions to this policy.  

2.        Given that you have been a registered member since December 23rd, 2010 and your history of playing with CelticCasino we can confirm that you:

a.         Only play live roulette.  Large live baccarat action is not consistent with your playing profile.  

b.        You utilize the same French IP address each and every time you play.  A login from Canada is very unusual and again not consistent with your profile.  

Based on these observations, our management has decided to make an exception and support your claim.  

Course of Action:

1.        We have changed your password on your behalf to: xxx

2.        We have refunded all baccarat losses, totaling €333. 50.  Attached you will find your detailed transaction history showing you exactly what was lost on the baccarat table.

3.        As a sign of goodwill, CelticCasino has credited your account with an additional €50. 00 which are completely free and clear of any bonus terms and conditions.  In other words, these are real funds for you to do as you please.  

4.        A total of €384. 00 is now available on your account.

We hope that CelticCasino has demonstrated to you that we are a reputable operation which will always put you, the customer, first.  We thank you for your patronage and hope that this resolution either meets or exceeds your expectations.  If it does, we would greatly appreciate if you updated your forum postings stating that the CelticCasino Customer Service team did resolve your issue to your satisfaction in under 24 hours.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Roy Schools

Customer Support

CelticCasino. com


My own observations now :

- My PC, my browsing on the web, my messengers, my mail user agent are full secured, with antivirus and firewall up to date.

- I have a lot of accounts on the internet, and I had never ever suffered any hacking, my PC is protected and I'm very cautious.

- If the guy had managed to get my login and passwords elsewhere than by the Celtic Casino site when I was connected, I wonder why the issue of the money disappearing only happened when I was connected, and not when I was offline too.

- The solution offered satisfies me throughout. The case has been resolved in less than 24h by Celtic Casino, especially thanks to the action lead on this forum and to all of its participants. I have to add that a customer representative of Visionnary iGaming left me a message on my phone to explain me the situation around 4 hours before I received the e-mail of resolution from Celtic Casino.

- My first idea is to withdraw the money and leave Celtic Casino, but I think maybe it would be better to go on playing there, to see and to report if everything is right now.

The Spiders Kiss


What a pleasant surprise!! Well done Celtic casino for putting right this mans wrongs. Impressive stuff.....


Quote from: The Spiders Kiss on April 06, 2011, 02:37:49 AM

What a pleasant surprise!!

Its not like they have a rep on this forum who told them this problem has been viewed by hundreds of potential players and it would be to their benefit to refund this guys money. Just this once......


If it was me ?

Take the money & Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rtfm: :rtfm: :rtfm: :rtfm:

The Spiders Kiss

Quote from: cheese on April 06, 2011, 02:51:57 AM
Its not like they have a rep on this forum who told them this problem has been viewed by hundreds of potential players and it would be to their benefit to refund this guys money. Just this once......

Lol  Spike. I've been around long enough to know how it works. Still I bet Khuzev is pleased he has his money back ( and more). 
I certainly won't be putting any of my money in there however.



Khuzev, maybe withdraw some and play with less money slowly, see how it's goin

Nathan Detroit


When  and for  what reason did this CELTIC casino ever make the  first appearance on this  board.? The reason I am asking  is  that the owner of another board who is  VERY critical of on-line casinos was  offfered  a $ 25  deposit in an account   with  his name  so he can see for  himself that  it is  an honest on-line  casino .

The name  of the casino has niot been revealed  but it would be interesting to know to what extend   roulette boards  are being monitored  by on-line   and possibly  also by B & M casinos  operations.

Nathan Detroit


I am glad that Khuzev is satisfied with the resolution of the problem. In this case our support was in contact with Khuzev before this issue was presented on this forum. By checking previous posts you can see Celtic Casino's presence on this forum is to add value to the forum as well as serve as an additional support for players. I personally feel it would have been appropriate for Khuzev to give our support a chance to address the issue before posting on this forum.

If any other players have any issues please email our support staff. Our presence on this forum and others is an example of our continued effort to provide the best live dealer casino games possible.

Have fun!


The main reason why I made this issue public (here and by contacting other websites related to online casinos and especially to live dealer games) was I had the feeling Celtic Casino support didn't want to take my claim seriously at the beginning : after my initial exchange with the pitboss in the live chat box which resulted in the creation of a live ticket, Celtic Casino support assured me that I played live baccarat and lost the money there, and only recommended me to change my password.

About that last point, I'm a bit surprised it's not possible to change our password automatically from our personal space at Celtic Casino website : it has to be done manually, sending an e-mail to the support.

After careful consideration, I decided that I will go on playing at Celtic Casino live dealer roulette, because after all what happened, I can't imagine there would be issue again. Anyway, I will keep you up to date with how the things are going there.


I can't believe your getting this kind of response.   Technically under the terms of agreement and to the best of my understanding, you can't say anything "bad" about them, because then you would be in violation of the agreement.   It's great to hear, you're getting a better response.   In the past, the VIG brand casinos would get more defensive in these kinds of situations.