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Yo Earthbounds,   :yahoo:

   I am sooooo blessed !    :good: ... Just to be alive is a Hoot !  :angel:

   I have been taking the Harraha's junket Flights, Monthly,  from Fresno, Ca. or Bakersfield, Ca....  to the Harraha's property in Laughlin, Nv.

    They are great ! .... free flights, free food and free rooms.... I .just have to  pay for my  gambling.    I am going to post my last few  trip reports here, on this site.

   I need to introduce myself.   I worked for law-enforcement, in Ca. for 33 years and when my boss said to me , in 2004...

 " Jim we were looking at your personal employment file, do you know that you can make more $$$ staying home than working ? "

    To which I replied, ' stunned '......." Can you give me 20 minutes to clean-out my desk ? "

     .....So, I  did it.   Retirement....is..... great !  :yahoo:

    Since I retired, I have had 6 open-chest surgeries at the Bajanor Hospital , just across the US-Tijuana Border, in Old Mexico.  

     I spent all Summer ( June to September 15th ) recovering from having my stomach split open and throwing  my blood three feet out into my US Doctor's office.   He would NOT help me !   He told me to go back to my Surgery Doctor.

      So,  I took Amtrak back to Old Mexico by  holding my stomach together, with my right  beet-red blood-soaked hand,  and in shock, with blood draining down my  inside-thighs and filling my shoes with blood from my open stomach,  I boarded Amtrak for the 450 mile trip back to Bajanor Hospital in Tijuana in total shock !

    The most awesome thing happened when,  after 4 Month's  recovering  at Bajanor Hospital,   I  was told by Dr. M. that I was going to be released to go home the next day....Sept. 15th.

         I asked for my bill for the  4 Months  Hospital  stay, the two extra chest surgeries and  the Hospital van taking me to Rosarieta Beach, 2-3 times a week,  to sit in the  Beach sand and watch the Sunsets and the  herds of rental horses run in the  surf.    I was told :

    " Jimmy, THERE IS NO BILL.... YOU WERE OUR GUEST. " ....

       Stunned, I asked why no bill ?   Dr. M. stated....  " Because we try to help people here. "

   When I told my local US Hospital ER/RN what I just typed,  she stated :.... " Four  Months at a US Hospital would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars ! "

 ......jesssssss ......  The US Healthcare  System is Super Broken  !

   I wrote a 44 page article on my adventures of leaving the US for my healthcare needs in Mexico, and the local  Newspaper ( The Fresno Bee ) put it on the web.  

   I checked  Google, weeks later, to see if any Newspapers picked up my story  and   I was stunned !  I saw it printed in S. Arabia, India, CNN Mexico and even in Alaska !

   John Stossel read it and called me to NYNY for an interview for his upcoming 20/20 show... " Sick in America. " It was about people who  bypass the  US Healthcare System, by leaving the United States for their  Healthcare Needs.

      The ABC  News National  Network, when I returned from my NYNY interview,  stated, by telephone,  they wanted to send a film crew with me, if I ever returned to  Bajanor Hospital  ?

   So..... I made a phoney check-up exam-appointment at Bajanor Hospital.   I  took the local ABC  TV station's film crew and the NYNY ABC's film crew with me on a travel-log type treak back to  Bajanor Hospital.

   You can view my video story by going to Google and typing in... " JAMESDODDKFSN30 "   The  tape will come up on the first page at the top of the search results.

   Moving  On :

    I have developed a way to win at Craps.  It involves using several proven Craps Systems, all at once.  It HAS generated 4-figure $$$$ in my last 3  junket trips.    

    I ran my systems in  back-testing for 10's of thousands of real, recorded rolls  using Zumma's Craps System Testing Book  ( 35,000 rolls ) and the 14,000+ roll  book..." 72 Hours At The Craps Table. "

   I also am using the GBC book ... " Craps. "  It has hundreds of recorded rolls from Vegas's  DT  Casino's as well as Strip Casino's  (C. Palace and the Hilton).

   I believe in giving back..... this thread  is my  give-back gig.     :pleasantry:    I will post here several times a week.  

   I have found that gaming without doing at least a 20 minute " Demo " of  " RAPID-EYE TECH.  "  WILL result in gaming failure, in the long run.

  RET is a system that removes faulty running programs from the hard-drive  running on your brain's computer.

    I first saw  RET, years ago,  on a 60 Minutes program that Dan Rather did.  At the time, I said to myself ... " Damn, that might work ! "   :good:

   He said  RET really works because, when the RET-TECH. drags ithe wand in frount of your eyes, at a brain-wave matching rate, the wand fools your brain into thinking it is asleep.... and your brain DUMPS all past, screwed-up ( just  under your waking  Con. ) running programs.

   Programs like ... " When you grow-up you will NOT amount to anything. "   With RET ...that one goes away in seconds !  :whistle:

 Well, I have got to go now....I will post the RET web site on my next post...

Party On....   :yahoo:





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Yo,  Carbon-Based Units   :yahoo:

       I just finished back-testing, for the day,  using  " ZUMMA'S CRAPS SYSTEM TESTING BOOK " to the 8,000 real-recorded rolls  area.

I have NOT had a losing game in the  65 pages of rolls recorded at  the " FOUR QUEENS  " and the " GOLDEN NUGGET,"  in DT Vegas !  :dance1:

    However, much more important than gambling is RET.  You need to do  at least a 20 minute " Demo " session of  Rapid Eye wand work.   It will turn you into a super-focused Gambler.  It will give you the intensity of.... Phil Ivey...the poker player.

    Anyway,  on March 4th,2000 I drove 260 miles to San Francisco for for the "  WHOLE EARTH EXPO. "   It was  being held DT in the block-long Convention center, just off the Bay Bridge.  I took the  Army Street exit and bamm ! ....I was there.  :good:

    I had web-booked for  three  days at the  old WW11,  Baker  Army Base.   It is located. on the Pacific Ocean, off the North-end of the Golden Gate bridge.

    I had a $25.00 ticket to attend a session  by James Von Praugh ( Talking to the Dead ) at 2:30PM.  I had an hour to kill so I drifted through the 450 booths on the main floor and I came upon a older man sitting on a high bar stool with an Angel- bowl on his lap.  The sign above his head read... " RAPID EYE INSTITUTE..... Do a 20-minute demo of RET for $20.00. "

     I had the time to kill so I gave the man the  $20.00  and thought to myself .. " Well, we will see if Dan Rather was right ?

     I have been " mentally messed up " all my life.  This was  do to being raised in a family that  acted-out  ( just like the TV show ... "All In The Family " )  by yelling and screaming all day and night long.

      Being held in the air by my right arm, at age 5, and beat with a leather belt and being almost killed, at age 4,  by being on the ground and being  kicked, over and over.... did a number on my head.   :nono:

   The female RET Tech. was very nice.  She asked me one question...."What would you like to talk about ? "  Come to find out it was a loaded question because she was fishing for an opening to axcess my hard-drive of my brain with her in-frount-of-your-eyes wand.

    Her  wand went back and forth over my eyes as she said to blink-blink and let my eyes follow the wand.  The wand fools the  Human brain into thinking it is  asleep ....thus....releasing trapped tension from the  past....Pressure-cooker  like tension is also released from our past lifes,  at the same time !  :dance1:

    When my 20 minutes was up, I walked out of her booth a new Human.  The fog and rain I was viewing my reality though stopped !   :good:    I  was able to see without viewing  my reality around my eyes  fog and rainwater !  ...SUPER COOL !  :shout:

   I gave my event tickets to a bag lady on Army Street and headed for my car.   As I was walking to my car I caught myself saying.... " You walk by putting out one foot in frount of the other. "    When  I got to my car I stood  next to the driver's door and  with the key in my hand, I  said to myself ... " You put the key in the door to open up the car. "

    I was totally drunk by having my brain re-wired.....re-wired as it was intended to be from my birth !  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

   I drove home with the biggest smile a Human has had !  :pleasantry:  Free at last, free at last !   :yahoo:

   I did 12 hours of RET in the next year. I would drive the 2 1/4 hours to San Luis Obispo, Ca.    The 2-hours sessions were great !  :biggrin:  

       I was blown away after each session because I could only drive 45 minutes back before my brain would come close to  shutting down.   I  would stop  behind a  coffee house, next to its dumpster,  off Freeway 101 and  lock my car doors, with me inside,  and drifted off as the my brains  circuit-breakers  kicked-off.  

       Fourty-five minutes later, I would awake as a new person.   I would often step-up to the fruit stand, off the Highway 41,   to view the fruit idem's.   I was like a 5 year old kid...awed by the fruits colors.    The colors became  sooooo strong as  they imprinted bright colors on my brain.    :dance1:

      The results of doing RET gave me extreme focus.  I was suddenly effortlessly doing my work and the work of my co-workers as well.  

   My 82 year old mother was fighting with my younger Sister.  I asked her if she would go with me to SLO and sit and talk with a RET Tech ?  She said yes....so.....I took her to my RET Tech. in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

   At the end of her 2 hour session, she came out of the office and the first thing out of her mouth was ''' " I wish your Father was still alive because RET would have really helped him. "   Her  next sentence was ... " If you are alive, on the face of the Earth, you need to do a session of RET. "

    Taking my Mother to an RET session was the most satisfying thing I have ever done...in my  life !   It cleaned her brains hard-drive of her bogus, useless running programs.     She took  her new-improved-Soul-Imprinted  hard-drive ( brain ) with her when she  was called upstairs.   :angel:

     If you go  to the  Rapid Eye Institute's web site and click on, on the upper left side, the .. " Find a RET Practitioner in your Area " box it will give you a World-Wide RET Tech. map.   Click on the US map and go to your State for a TECH in your area.

    Once you do an RET session,  your life  will be changed for the good ....forever...even  beyond this World  !  :yahoo:


   Well,  I will get started with posting the nuts and bolts of the 4/10 system on my next post.

       Thank you for viewing my posts.   I spent 4 Months in a Tijuana, Mexico Hospital  ( Bajanor Hospital ) in 2004 and it saved me 100's of thousands of $$$$.  I wrote a 44 page article and I  ended up talking with John Stossel, in NYNY,  for his 20/20 Program... " Sick in America. "

      It  can save you mega-bucks to  leave the US for your Healthcare needs.....details to follow

Party On,  :good:





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Good Morning,


  Well, Rapid Eye work is now excepted by the State of Oregon, Education Department and the US Military is reviewing results for  its  US Military ....stay tuned.

   I met the founder at the  San Francisco  Expo and had quite a talk with her.  Her name is Racine Johnson and she lives on a 6 acre Blueberry farm outside of Salem, Oregon.

 Her 4 year old  boy was autistic and she had a hard time making contact with him....so...she prayed and prayed.

   One day as she was praying,  a White-lite came into her home and all the tables, chairs, etc...disappeared !  :o

  She said the White-Light told her how she could help her son and other  World-bound Primates by using  the  RET process.   :clapping: :yahoo:

   Using the RET system  she developed, her Son is now grown and has his own apt. and is holding down a full-time job !  :ok:

   I am studying  to be a RET TECH.  I plan on doing  Pro-Bono RET wand work.


 The 4/10 System  :

   I developed this system to exploit the 2 to 1 advantage the game of craps gives to the player.   When the 4 or 10 show up, as the point,  DP and DC  lay-betting the points of 4 or 10.    It is a very simple System :

  WHEN THE POINT IS SET AS A 4 OR 10 .....I USE A 3 OR 4 STEP NEG. PROGRESSION to overcome my losses.

    I use a base-bet lay-bet of  $100.00..." No 4 or No 10.    I only allow for 3 back-to-back wins because in back-testing 1,000's of rolls, I have found a loss is lurking after the third  straight win.

    I  back-off the 4th  4/10 point set-up ....  to a $50.00 lay-bet.    I  am waiting for the  upcoming loss.  

    When it does happen,  I lose the $50.00 lay bet.   I then come back on the next 4 or 10 point withe the $100.00 lay bet and start the process all over again.

   When I lose the $100.00 lay-bet,  I wait for the next 4/10 point to set-up and lay-bet it for $300.00.  This second 4/10 point  bet wins,  most all the time.

   If it fails, and I lose it too, I STOP BETTING on the  upcoming 4/10 points until I have had 2 non-betting wins in a row,  before lay-betting the next ( 3rd 4/10 point ).   That bet is for a full recovery of the -$400.00 loss.

   This means making a $800.00 lay-bet on the 3rd 4/10 point set-up.

   I have  recently found that NOT betting  the full  $800.00 is an option.  Using   Mr.  Harry Gay's... " 77 Craps System "  is  a  super-way to quickly recover the lost $400.00.

   On my next post,  I will lay-out Harry Gay's ... " 77 CRAPS SYSTEM " and Steve Neill's..... " 2,3,11,12 CRAPS SYSTEM "  and post  real-recorded dice outcomes using all 3 Systems, together.  

   I will post  examples  to the 10,000 roll mark out of the ..." ZUMMA CRAPS SYSTEM TESTING BOOK. "


Party On....  :yahoo:




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YO, Carbon-Based Units...   :pleasantry:

   I have modified the betting part of the "  4/10 Lay Betting System. "  I now use $75.00 as my starting bet.  

    If the point of 4 or 10 comes back... I  lose the  $150.00.  Then, on the next 4 or 10 point set-up I  make a recovery bet of  $300.00.

   If I win the $300.00  bet,  I  revert to the  BASE-LAY-BET of $150.00.  

 If I lose the second lay-bet,   ($300.00 ) I ..." STOP BETTING."... and wait for two back-to-back winning bets to  pass-me-by   before betting $900.00 " no 4"  or " no 10"  on the next 4 or 10 point  set-up.

 Jesssssssssss, it is un-canny how  stepping over 4/4's and 10/10's , even in a chop-chop pattern, leads to   " Clustering-  together-in-clumps  of 4/7's  and  10/7's !    

     I have found, in  my extensive back-testing  of 50K real recorded, back-to-back  rolls, of the 4's and 10's as points, that  the  2 to 1 DP or DC odds win-rate  that the craps-math  game was set-up favoring  the DP/DC player really shines after a 4/4 or 10/10 outcome  :good:

  Below are the back-tested results  using  the  " New Improved "   4/10 Lay Betting Craps System for the first 100 pages of  the "  Zumma Craps System Testing Book. "

   I used  Mr. Gay's  " 77 Craps System " and John Patrick's " Richocet " as a  Craps Pre-Betting-kill-off-the C/O 7 from hurting the DP/DC players  along with the 4/10 system.

    I also used Mr. Nelli's  " 2,3,11 and 12 Craps System " by waiting  for bet-triggers,  to be tripped.

  The results  were blow-me-away-with-a-feather awesome !  :yahoo:

   I  am breaking  down the posting of the 100 pages into groups of 10.


1-10..................1,092...................11.36 Hours......................... + $ 5,915.00................................... + $520.00

11-20................1,581...................13.43 Hours......................... + $ 6,814.00................................... + $507.00

21-30................1,233...................11.27 Hours......................... + $ 4,729.00................................... + $421.00

31-40.................1,194................. 10.85 Hours......................... + $ 4,564.00.................................. + $420.64

41-50................ 1,222................. 11.11 Hours......................... + $5,537.00.................................... + $498.38

51-60................ 1,278................  11.60 Hours.........................  +$6,765.00....................................  + $583.00

61-70................ 1,638................  12.50 Hours.........................  +$5,902.00....................................  +$472.00

71-80................ 1,203................  10.99  Hours........................ + $5,356.00.....................................  +$487.00

81-90................ 1,295................  11.78  Hours........................  + $5,074.00.....................................  +$426.48

91-100.............. 1040.................  11.32 Hours.........................  +$ 4,526.00.....................................  + $435.00

   It was a monster project, tabulations went into the wee-hours of the morning.....but..... a labor of discovery.

  I am dedicating this project to my deceased Father, who once, during a beekeepers convention at Harraha's Lake T. , called me 500 miles away to ask me.... " Jimmy, how do you win at gambling ? "    

    I did NOT know what to tell him because I did NOT have a good answer.   ::)

   Guess what I would tell him if he asked me the same question today ?  :yahoo:

Thoughts ?   :good:





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Good Morning.... Earth-bound, White-light's   :clapping:

   I have been comparing different ways to step-over loses using the above  systems.

  To me,   stepping over loses is the key to long-term winning.  Years ago, I was fooling around on my computer and came up with a 5-step, double-up progression.

   I ran to over  a few, on-line,  play-for-fun Casino RNG programs.  I found that Playtec Software ( RNG )   seemed the most random....so.... I used Casino's that ran Playtec Software.   There are dozens of them, on the web. ( Google for a list )

    At the +$7,000.00 web-testing-win-mark, I quit testing  and took $1,200.00 out of the bank and boarded a 12-hour turnaround Vegas-bound gaming bus.  It takes 6.5 hours to get to Vegas from were I live in Ca.

    The first stop was in Primm Nv.    I began  playing roulette at Whiskey Pete's.  I was very up-tight about using real $$$ for  a  computer  tested  system.  My  system was to wait until a min. of four blacks, or reds, hit back-to-back  and then start the progression the other way.

    My first  bet  after 4 Blacks showed was .... $25.00 Red.... I lost.... -$25.00. ...My next bet was $50.00 Red.....I lost.... -$50.00.....next up $100.00 Red......I lost.... -$100.00.....jessssss I was pissed !.......My next bet, with shake in my hands, was  $200.00.  The goofey pit-critter-kid was mocking my betting.....how much I was losing stuff.

   Well, with a dry mouth, I pulled back the + $200.00 win.    That  win resulted in a net of +$25.00.

   I told the older tour guide gal  that I did not want to spend the next 4 hours in the Primm Casino's and  I made plans to meet the tour bus in Vegas.

   I  then took the employee's shuttle bus the 45 miles  to the  NYNY Casino, on the strip.  The tour bus was to meet  me there in 5 hours.

    The game was on !     I  would drift and chart  6 Roulette wheels. ....... When my system set-up I would use a 50.00,100.00,200.00,400.00  and 800.00 betting-spread for my progression.

   I felt on-top-of-the-World !    I never sat down.   I would spot-bet my progression between sitting players.   It went great  until the last of my 43 plays that night.  

   At 2:00AM the bus first call to board the bus  had just been broadcasted over the Casino's speaker system  as I entered my last progression and it went :


   I was thinking how the wheels were coming off my system as I put 8 black chips on BLACK.   The ball skip-dropped  into the red and then raised-up and  jumped left...into a  black-slot !

   The 44 plays netted....+$2,200.00.    I was  all-smiles as I boarded the bus !  A super-good experience !   :yahoo:

    In the next  six  12 hour turnaround  trips, I ran my $1,200.00 start-up kitty  up to  + $12,000.00.   :pleasantry:

   On the 7th trip, I got killed and gave back - $6,000.00.   That put doubts into my mind as to the long-term  win prospects  for my system and I quit using it shortly after the $6,000.00 loss.

   Anyway, I  am using  a progression very-much like the above system to back-test the 4/10 Craps System.  We will see if it has..."  legs " after I chart the 35,000 rolls  in the "  Zumma  " book and the 14,000 rolls in the  " 72 Hours at the Craps Table " book.

  Stay tuned.................   :agree:

  Party on.......   :good:




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Yo...  :pleasantry:

   Of the Craps Systems listed, the best is Mr Gay's  ..." 77 Craps System "  played with  John Patrick's " Richochet Craps System."

    It is best  because when two 7's show up ...back-to-back or  seperated by NON-BOX NUMBERS  ( ,2,3,11,12,)

 , there is a higher probability that the next play will 7-out.

   When the  "77 Craps System"  sets-up it is best to use the Ricochet Craps System to protect your DP or DC bet from the

C/O 7 knocking-off your DP or DC bets.....and Boy- O'-Boy ......does it ever work !    :yahoo:

   The Ricochet is very simple to use.  When the two seven's show-up you scan-back the recent recorded rolls to see which

 of the box numbers  ( 4,5,9,10 ...exclude the 6's  &  8's ) have Not come up  the longest.

  We use that number to lay-bet a 100% hedge  to protect  our DP and DC  line bets.  When the DP or DC bet travels to the

 just est. point, we take down the hedge bet......Presto ! ....a 100% hedge against the CO/7  from hurting us.

     When the point knocks-off our hedge bet.....say we have a $100.00 lay-bet prior to the point being set and a $50.00 bet
in the DP box.

          The 10 comes up as the point knocking off our $100.00 hedge-bet......but.... the $50.00 DP line-bet travels

 to the 10 ( The 4/10 are the hardest numbers to make as points ) and I always take full odds on the points of 4 and

10....so..... we put a 6x odds bet ( $300.00 )  next to our $50.00 DP bet and wait for the outcome.

   More times than not, ( 2 to 1 odds in our favor )  the 4 or 10 will not be made.....7-out !   That covers the -$100.00
hedge-bet-loss and leaves us with a net-win of .....+$ 100.00 !   :haha:

    Today,  using all the systems, I have been back-testing  real-recorded dice throws from the book.... " 72 Hours At The

Craps Table. "

 The results in 5 and 10 page skips :

Page #'s at far left :

5]....... +$ 1,500.00
10]..... +$ 1,441.00
15]..... +$  2,056.00
20]..... +$  1,122.00
25]..... +$  1,016.00
30]..... +$  1,347.00
35]..... +$  716.00
40]..... +$  889.00
50]..... +$  1,862.00
60]..... +$  858.00

   I will be gone starting Thursday to Sunday.  I am taking the Harraha's  MD80 to their Laughlin Property for the May Junket flight.    I have been taking these junket -flights, Monthly, for 18 Month's.

 Free flight, free room, free food.....what's NOT to like ?  :yahoo:

   I will be diagraming exactly what  moves I make,  in my next post.  :rtfm:

Thoughts ?  :lol:





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Go get 'em Jim!

BTW, thanks for your posts.  :)



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Yo, Carbon Units....  :clapping:

   Thank you for your above post !  8)

         I am back from the Friday to Sunday, 100% Comped, Harraha's Junket-trip from Fresno,Ca. to the Harraha's Laughlin property.

    I will never do a week-end Junket trip again.    The weekends now bring in  too many drunks that seem to never leave the craps tables and drunks seem lucky at the craps tables.

   We arrived late...at 11:15PM ...PST.  I did not get my luggage until 1:00AM... Sat. morning.

   I went down to the craps table and raked in + $385.00 by 5:00AM.

     However,  I need to have a craps outcome within 5 seconds to make the four systems work well together.  That did not

happen......too many players had come to the table....older players  who made all kinds of prop bets....thus almost stopping the game.  

   It took 3-4 minutes to get the dice to roll.......way to long.....so....I took a taxi to the Colorado Belle Casino and played BJ.

    Back at Harraha's,  the craps table turned hot and I lost two 4-4's back-to-back in my second craps session.  

  I  had a hard-time gettting the systems to set-up.... slow table play by soooo many prop-bet players !   :angry2:

       On my last session, on Sunday afternoon, just prior to boarding Harraha's shuddle bus back to the Bullhead City,

Arizona  Airport, I bought in for +$1,000.00 and in 25 minutes, I ran it to  +$1,400.00.  :good:

    That resulted in ; ... "Color- coming- in " at 15 minutes prior to boarding.

       It pissed me off !  :nono: ....not having enough time to fully exploit the run.   The  table was full of players  doing the prop-bet thing.

    The dice finally  came to me.  I was  at Stickman #1 ...left.    I rolled  the dice into a  V-2  set with the the 1-3 facing me.  
     I  sent the dice left...to the end of the table,  hoping the 4 or 10 would come up  as  the  point and the 10  DID  come  up as the point !   :yahoo:

      I had a $15.00 DP line-bet and  I took full odds ( 6x ) at + $90.00.    I also Lay-bet against the 10 for an additional

$100.00.  I told the boxmam that I was right-handed and I was having problems  throwing  the dice left-handed.  

   I wanted to throw the dice  from the just-opened Stickman right #1  position  but the boxman  would NOT let me go to

that spot until my hand was over.......so..... I was stuck.  :nono:

    I set the dice with the same V2 set I used to bring up the point of ten.    There was an old post, over on Heavy's old site,
 that stated  the easy-way to bring up a 7 is to set  the dice with a  2V set and open the dice up  1/8th of an inch ( The

 wedge is split-open  closest to your body and  the joint farthest away from your body, is left tightly closed ).

    This set is locked-in by placing your thumb side-ways across the open wedge-joint closest to your body and holding the

back-joint-top  together  with a light top-edged pressure-grip over the back joint.

  Man-O' Man shooting this from my  left-handed-arm was strange.  :swoon:

      I locked the set  and lifted the dice just off the table and in a really quick move,  I flung them to the end of the table....

       The pit-table kid to the left of the boxman, said :   " Seven-out...pay the Don't "   :yahoo:

        I have practiced this   "double-pitch-set "  to bring up the seven, at home,  and my last practice  session brought-up

the seven six times in eleven rolls !  :shout:

    The trip was  jaded by some of the  110 juncket players.

     I like talking to to them when we all are headed to Laughlan because they are giddy and happy.  :dance1:  :haha:  :lol:  :shout:  :yahoo:

      But.... I do NOT talk to them on the return flight home....unless they engage me.    Most of them lose alot of $$$
and they act like they will bite your fingers off if you get to close to them.

        Sad stuff..ie:....relying on luck to make you a winner.   :punish:

   I arrived home  at 9:30PM  and  I was up at 6:00AM this Morning and  I was off to my local Indian Casino..... "The Palace Casino.com. "

  I played BJ using Martin Silverthorne's  most excellent "NEURAL SYSTEM. "   I have been using it since 2002.

    Martin Silverthorne ( a Public  Accountant from New Mexico )   ran his Neural System  through an Art. Intell. Computer
for 1.2 Million times.    The Computer learned and corrected its mistakes ......as it played.  :yahoo:

    The morning  of our flight, on Friday, I went out to the Palace Casino.   I have a  pre-set win-limit of +$200.00.

     I left the Casino when I reached it. ( + $218.00 )   It only took  35 Minutes to get to my win limit.   :pleasantry:

    This morning it was + $210.00 in just over an hour !  :o

     The Palace Casino  had a  3 foot by 5 foot color picture of me  they  posted next to their Southern Cash Cage.

      It was on the Casino's wall for over 18 Month's  and they also put a 5" by 7" picture in the local newspaper with
the caption :  " James... A Real Player. "...... nice !  :good:

  This trip generated just over 4-figure $$$$.  Much less than I had planned.....but....I'll take it !  :give_heart:

   Well,  I requested my large color poster  picture from the Casino this morning.

 I have not heard anything....hummmm ?  :blink:

Best Regards,



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Fellow 25 Watt-Light-Genarating Beings,   :thumbsup:

 I have been back-testing a "  NEW " even-odd betting System.  It  was set-up to work  on Baccarat, Craps and Roulette.

   I need it for our local Indian Casino Baccarat tables.    The min. bet is $10.00 to +$300.00 on "  THE PALACE.COM's "

Baccarat tables.

   This system is two systems.  You can bet into a  6 or 9 step system.  It starts with 3 flat bets...T-1-1, T-1-2 and T-1-3....$5,$5 and $5.

    Anytime you win a bet you leave it up and try to parlay it into a win......lose it... you go up to the next  betting level .

   When you lose the first three bets...you move on to T-4...( $15.00 ) ..lose it ....up T-5 betting.....( $25.00 ) .....lose it

...up to T-6....an  8x base-bet....( + $40.00 ).

      These bets....T4,T5 and T6,  DO NOT get a parley after a win.---With a win off T4,T5 or T6, you drop down one

level.......win it ........you revert to base-unit betting at T-1-1.

   Lose all 6 bets, you move up  to ....T7,T8 and if needed.....T9 betting.   These last 3 bets have the same rules as the

T1,T2 and T3 ( parlays after a win and reverting to T1 betting after a parley win......AFTER  you go back to T4 ( It is called a T4 " MASTER BET" ) and win it at that level ).

   The  Author  claims to have tested this system over  1,000,000's  of computer runs.......hummmmm ?  :swoon: :o :pleasantry:  

We will see how it holds up in real Casino play.  I need more faith ...so... I will  back-test the hell out of  his System.....stay tuned......  :rtfm:

     He  claims a 94% win rate !   :yahoo: :good: :dance1: :rtfm: ;D :) :haha: :lol: :dance1:

   I am starting to get things together for the  4-day, comped,  flight at the end of the Month, to Harraha's Laughlin

Property.  I am addicted to the Flights.  I have been taking them each Month for last 18 Months. :pleasantry: :shout: :) :yahoo: :dance1: :good:

   As stated, I will go over the start of .... " 72 HOURS AT THE CRAPS TABLE"  ( Page #6 ) using Harry Gay's ..." 77 CRAPS
SYSTEM" and the  "4/10 CRAPS SYSTEM " with a  "  FREEBE" System" the..... 2,3,11,12 CRAPS SYSTEM " from  the

$3,000.00  "NEW" Craps manual that  is a hit  with some  OLD-TIME Craps Players, in Vegas.

   I first  heard of Harry Gay when he posted a " VEGAS TRIP REPORT "  on John Patrick's  gambling board.  What set-me-off was  Harry had extreme, back-tested,  faith in his system.

      So much so that he said he was moving to Vegas to play it full-time !  :swoon: :o :pleasantry: :yahoo: :good:

   He  laid-out his System in a post on JP's board on  6/19/10 :

    "  I play a DC system similar to JP's ..."RICHOCHET CRAPS SYSTEM."   My betting signal is when there are no repeating box numbers between 7's.   I lay-bet against the number that has NOT come-up the longest ( 4,5,9 & 10 )."

    " I put one-unit in the DC box after the point is set.  When my DC bet travels, I take-down the 100% hedged, lay-bet."

     " If my DC hedge-bet gets knocked-off, I wait for another set-up.  If I get hit with a YO, I replace it only once. "

" When I get a come-out DC craps to roll, I come down on my lay-bet because I have won one-unit on the series,  I then wait for another set-up.....My stop-loss is 3 units....not counting the $$$$ I lost on my lay-bets. "

   I do not see the logic of ......NOT BETTING ON THE C/O ROLLS ???   I find I miss-out on the" POINT-7-OUT's"  if I only use the DC box as my main way of setting-up the ...." 77 CRAPS SYSTEM. "   It makes NO  good logic to me ?  

 Am I missing something ?   :clapping: :scratch_ones_head:

END OF PART #1........

Party on.......



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Yo.... White-Lights,   :good:

  Page #5 from ZUMMA's CRAPS SYSTEM TESTING BOOK is a book with  35,000+ real, back-to-back,  recorded rolls from the  FOUR  QUEENS  and " THE GOLDEN NUGGET " Casino's,  both in DT Vegas :

The first play is ....7...3...7...10,10

    When 7...3...7 hits we quickly scan-back- on-our-recorded rolls and find of the 4,5,9 and 10...the  4 has NOT come up the longest.

       The four becomes our 100% RICOCHET SYSTEM  hedge number.....so......we put a put-bet of 100.00 on the " NO 4 " and we put 50.00 in the DP Box.

   The 10 comes up as the point....so.... we take down our 100.00 " NO FOUR " hedge bet and I we wait for the outcome.

    The 10 comes back ! .....so.....we lose our $50.00 bet and we wait for the next set-up.......

   The next set up goes :


   After the second 7 hits....we scan-back and see the 9 has NOT come up the longest ( 18 rolls ) so....we  will use it as our hedge against the C/O 7 from knocking-off our DP bet....

   We  LAY-BET 150.00 ON ...."NO 9 " and put 100.00 in the DP box and wait for the point to roll.....

    The Shooter rolls a 6 as the  point.    I alway 100% hedge-out points of 6 and 8.....so...... I " PLACE BET" the 6 for +$96.00 and at the same time I leave-up my $150.00 hedge bet on the 9.

    I then put 100.00 in the "  Do Not Come" box and wait for the next roll to happen......

     The next roll is the 10 ...so.... our 100.00 DC bet travels to the 10.  We take-down our 150.00 " No 9 " hedge-bet and wait for the outcome......

A  4 rolls next...then a 7-out.    It gives us a 100.00 net-win which results in a + $50.00 total net win for the first two plays.

   This is the way I now play, however, you can get alot of $$$ invested in playing my systems.

   I am back-testing the " NEW " Baccarat System I wrote about above.   I finished shoe #150 this Morning.


....My Baccarat system has an almost 94% win rate.

....You will be able to set-up a reliable 100% $4,000.00 a day income playing baccarat with just a $20.00 investment !

....Working no more than 10 hours a week, you will able to pull-in an income of +$20,000.00 or more !

.....You will get all the critical information you need to BEAT EVERY VERSION OF BACCARAT OFFERED TODAY !

    His system works on all 50/50 games of chance.....Baccarat,Craps and Roulette.


  Below is my last Baccarat shoe I tested,  this Morning.  I  lost 59.1 % of my bets.   :diablo:

     A completed game is a win of 8 units.  I use $10.00  base-betting units because that is what our local Indian Casino uses as their base-betting units :


   The game ended with an 80.00 win ( 8-Units ).   :pleasantry:

   I lost  59.1% of my bets  but still pulled-off a game ending 8-unit win !  :yahoo:

Thoughts ?



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Good Morning ......

    I  got the flight flyer for  Harraha's  July junket flight yesterday.  I called the air-program and I was told... " IT IS SOLD

 OUT " .......Hummmmmm.... the flights are NEVER full.

    I was told I could go on the " STAND-BY " list.    

 They really DO NOT LIKE  player's to win.    :diablo:

    In the above Baccarat  Manual, there is a chapter on how to rat-hole chips so the  personal-player-tracking gets

messed up.   I will  rat-hole chips,   from now on.  

 However,  it might be to late.    :rtfm:

    I am going to use TC's  Baccarat system, this AM,  at our local Indian Casino.  It should be interesting because I am just

coming out of my Seasonal  funk.

    It finally stopped raining here last week and I am recovering from the effects of  accidentally killing a just graduated MD,

from UCLA,  when I was attending  College of the Sequoias.... our local  JC College, years ago.

     The Doctor  was only 28 years old and he had two 6 and 7 yr. old kids.

      I was working   weekends, in a College student  work program as a ski-lift operator and short-order snack bar cook at

the local  WOVERTON Ski Area, in the S. Nevada Mts.

    It was late Sunday afternoon and it was  starting to lightly-snow.   I was the only employee left, at the ski area, and  as I

was driving the 4 miles  to the office  I saw only one  car parked in a pull-out  area,  to my left.   I had my

window down so I could inhale the light snow.

     I heard two kids, in  blood-chilling  Primal-Screaming  saying...   " DADDY GET-UP !..... DADDY GET-UP ! " over and over

they chanted those words.

    I pulled into the parking lot.    I saw  a man laying in the snow some 40 feet down the ravine from the parking

lot.     I ran down the path and I  freaked-out  as I approched the Doctor laying in the snow.  :o

    I  was so shaken that I left my car in the snow covered parking lot and  I  ran up the road 1/4 mile to the US Forest

Service Station.   I told quickly blabbed to  a young Park Ranger, the situation at the turn-out.

       He had me jump into his green Forest Service truck and we swiftly drove to the site.  The kids were still screaming at

their  father.... super-sad-stuff.

      The Ranger told me to go up to his truck and get a clear  mouth-insertable, plastic air injection  tube from the back of

his truck.   I did as  he instructed me.

      The  Ranger inserted the tube into the Doctor's  mouth and the Ranger   got into a pattern...1-2-3  as he injected air

into the Doctor.

 It did not work....so.... the Ranger told me to hit him in the chest.  

    I held my hands together as I  raised them over my head and came down on the Doctor's  chest.  It did not work.

     The Ranger yelled.... " Hit him harder ! "

    I was so jacked-up,  on fight-flight natural  Human drugs,  that I hit him.... altra-Super-Hard !   :o

        So hard...that it pushed his now broken ribs into his liver and  lime-green bile flowed into the Ranger's  mouth as

 the Ranger was coming down on the Doctor  with another air injection stroke.   :blush2:

       The Ranger quickly threw-up, in the snow,  and he rolled his body, over and over,  as he  repeatedly up-

chucked, expelling  the inhaled  green bile.

       The next day, the  Visalia Times Delta,  local newspaper,  said  the 28 year old Doctor died of natural  causes.  I do

not think so ?

    Every year since this happened,  when Winter rolls in, I NO NOT  look up at the Mts. where the above happened.

 A   mental black-funk-cloud  comes over me. and  it does not lift until good weather sets in when Winter is finally over.

   Please DO NOT do what I did.  

 Go  and get properly trained in CPR.





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Yo, Fellow Earth-White-Lights,

   Well, I have been to the local Indian Casino 3 times since my last post and  Baccarat and Blackjack  are going great !

    TC's ( 94% win-rate )  system is working like a Swiss Watch !

     My last shoe was awesome !

  I really like the way this system  changes betting-sides after  2 loses, in a row.   If the first

bet  after the 2-losing bets and  switching  to the winning side, loses....the system, again, switches  betting sides.... BACK

 to the prior betting-side.

         You stay with the previous losing  betting-side until you lose 2 more back-to-back

bets......then the System has you  switching betting-sides,  to the  present winning-side for the next bet.  

       It follows  winning streaks.   :yahoo:   :thumbsup:

       The last shoe I played  had   12 Player wins,  in a row !   I  was betting  " Bank "  when the streak

started.  The System  switched   me to betting " Player " after I ate the System's  two losses,  on a row.  :clapping:

        I made my 8-unit, game-ending wins,  in short order !  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

          The previous  shoe  shows the math-power of his system.    On the way to winning 8-units, I lost 6 of the system-

required  Parley-bets out of  the 7 parley-bets  in  the game !   :good: :good: :good:

   Today, I stayed home.  The local Indian Casino has the air-cond.  blowing cold air on the gaming tables....not good.

            I have been running the..." 4-10 Craps System "  using  Zumma's  book today.

        So far,  so good... I am up into the   +3,500 real-recorded -rolls-area....looking good !   :whistle:  :yahoo:

        Thoughts ?




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Yo, Fellow 25-Watt Gyro-run  Human Power Plants,

  Well, the Harraha's jet lands Sunday at FAT. ( Fresno-Yosemite Air Terminal ) for the June flight to the Laughlan property.

     I will be using Harry Gay's    " 77 Craps System " and the " 4/10 Craps System"  as my bread-and-butter Craps plays.

   I will also  be using Trace Cooper's   " NEW "...." TRI-POWER BACCARAT SYSTEM "  in real roulette play.

   I paid $100.00 for his system.  It works on 50/50, flip-of-a-coin Casino Games...Bacc.,Craps and Roulette.

Promo From Page #7 of his System..............

  " Trace Cooper's  Amazing Discovery :

   Trace Cooper is the originator of...  "TRI-POWER BACCARAT. "   It is based on the Power-of-Three.

  Trace is an engineer-statistician who does consulting  for aerospace companies and develops models to determine possible failure rates for jet engines.

........Trace has developed a theory that patterns of three control the game of Baccarat.

     For instance, there are three possible outcomes for each round of Baccarat and each round will  result in the Banker or Player hands winning or in a tie.

   Trace explained that most Baccarat  players assume that two-based systems can beat the game. For example, a system which assumes that a decision will repeat or will chop is really a two-based system, since only two decisions are being considered.

   Trace has discovered what he calls a " quantum leap in performance " can be attained by using three as the base instead of two, as the base.

  He further stated that using his Three-Based-Approah provides a more accurate way in determining where to place each bet and how much to bet on each round. "

   As I stated in one of the above posts, there are three levels of betting and tree levels of rules governing bet placements.



   I used $10.00 as my base-bet because that's what our local Indian Casino uses.  A completed game is an 8-base-unit win.

   Trace's manual, page 54, uses a $5.00 base betting System :

Group 1 Bets.......T-1 Bets.........5 5 5
Group 2 Bets.......T-2 Bets.........15 25 40
Group 3 Bets.......T-3 Bets.........35 50 70

  He then launches into the rules of play.   The rules are not hard to learn.   On my last real Casino Baccarat game it went :

Running net-totals ( $$$$ ) :

1 ].....= +10
2]......Parley bet win = +30
3]....= +10
4]....Parley bet loss =...+20
6]....Parley bet loss = +10
8]... -10
9]....+10 = .... Zero...0
10]....Parley bet loss = -20
12] ... Parley bet loss  -30
14]...Parley bet loss....-40
29]....Parley bet loss = +40
30].... =....................  +30
31].... = ...................  +20
32]....  = ....................  +50
33]....  = .....................  +80

  Game ended with completed game ...8-unit win !  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :dance1: :good:

    However,  I lost 6 of my 7 (  system-required ) Parlay bets ! ....but.... Cooper's recovery system stepped right ovet those massive losses !   :sarcastic:

  How sweet is that ?   :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :good: :good:

Party on,    :pleasantry:  :yahoo:

Jim  ;D


John Gold

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Hello Jim,

 I love reading your posts. Always informative and good fun.

Keep on winning mate  8)
Laugh my friends even if it kills you, for at least you'll die happy.



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Yo, Mr. Gold, All.........

   Back from Harraha's Laughlin Property late Last nite.  

     The ..." Trip from Hell "  as far as mid-day heat went.  :diablo:

       It was 115 degrees two days ago at 3:00PM and it did not make any difference if you were on the Colorado River or not.....hot....hot....and hot !    :angry2:

     I about died from the temp.   I did my regular thing.....taking the Don Laughlin free River shuttle boat from his Casino to the ... " BAT. "  bus ( Bullhead City, Arizona Transit Bus )  to the awesome " NEW "  Wal-Mart Supercenter located 6 miles South from the boat docks.

        I bought stuff for the refrig. in my room at Harraha's  ( Fried Chicken, Sodas, etc... ).    I asked the people on the bus what they did wrong in their previous Lives to be forced to live in Bullhead City, Arizona ?   ....lots of luck.   :skull:

   This trip was interesting.  I used Trace Cooper's Baccarat System with real $$$ and I would often just chart the Roulette numbers off the running scoreboards and run them as if I had been playing, at that table.

      It awed me how when I was the only player at the Roulette table  the 20-somethings would show up in-mass.   Their chatter caused me to lose focus and it resulted in a - $177.00 loss at one session.

    TC's System worked well.  In fact, at the Colorado Belle Casino,  I made my 8 game-ending  bet ( + $ 125.00 ) at it had a neg. effect on the pit boss.  


   " You are NOT  allowed to take $$$ from this Casino ! "   :diablo:  The look on his face said it all.....you would have thought I had killed his dog !  

   The LV Sun newspaper says the Casino's are chocking to death with debt.  Harraha's along has Billions $$$$ of notes due in the near future.


     I did have the one loss.  TC's System says it has a 94% win-rate....hummmm ?   I would put it at near 80-85%.

   The manual says to cut-off a game if the game suddenly changes.... well, it did more than once cause me to leave the game.

  The game outcomes went ...starting on Monday, June 27th,  at Harraha's.  All 8-Unit-Winning-games were $15.00 base-unit games.  Eight units @  $15.00 = +$120.00.

       Without moving to Nevada,  I am NOT going to generate meaningful ( buy a new car or house )  $$$ using $15.00 Units.  

  Therefore, today, I have been back-testing my Flip-of-a-Coin, 50/50 System... " Three Same-Way Outcomes, in a row,  then " Capping" by an opp. decision.  When that manifests , it starts the progression with the object to win only one-unit.

I am using a 5-step Double-Up Progression ....100,200,400,800 and the fifth-step @ 1,600.00.

  A loss of the  base-Unit game's ( $100.00 game ) 5-Steps, will bring on a recovery game :  $300.00,$600.00,$1,200.00 and $2,400.00.

   In the recent past, I used ...50,100,200,400 and 800 units in Vegas and I ran my +$1,200.00 gaming kitty to +$12,000.00 in five 12-hour Vegas turnaround bus trips !    :blush2:

  The 3+Capping System will be listed off the real  trip generated Roulette numbers & listed to the far right :

   TC's System ........................................................................Three+ Capping System......... outcomes :

27  TC System plays  = + $100.00......................................-100, +200  = + 100/+100/+100...Total Net = + $300.00.

13  TC System plays  =  + $110.00.....................................+100/+100/ +100  .... Total Net = + $300.00.

14  TC System plays  =      $50.00...................................... + $100/+$100............Total Net  = + $200.00

15  TC System plays  =     $105.00..................................... + $100/+$100............ Total Net  = + $ 200.00

   I  updated the above .... 3+Capping System today   ( Added the Capping Rule ).

   I WILL post the Zumma Baccarat and Roulette Systems back-testing results here, on this board.

   Startin Kitty = + $7,700.00

..Ending Kitty  = +$9,020.00   :pleasantry: :shout: :yahoo: :good: :agree:

Thoughts ?