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Learning the Kimo Li way.

Started by PokerTwist1994, September 24, 2011, 01:15:26 AM

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Kimo Li

Happy 2024

It's time for the annual Kimo Li Way post.

My first book was published May 16, 2006, The Roulette Formula – How to Predict the Exact Number.
Eight months later, January 3, 2007, The European Roulette Book was published.
My publisher told me that gambling books has a shelf life of 10 years. It's now going on 18 years and going strong.
These books can be purchase on Amazon.

This thread was started by PokerTwist in 2011.
I noticed there is a lot of traffic on this post, people wanting to learn more about the Global Pie Method.
If you want to read more about my Collection of Thoughts, or are interested in taking lessons to become a professional roulette player, go to the Kimo Li Roulette website.

We are a global group of professional roulette players, experts in our field.

Kimo Li

Rest in Peace...Nathan Detroit 1930 - 2024

Kimo Li