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Any good online live roulette with low limits?

Started by Amazin, January 29, 2012, 09:46:32 PM

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The best one I found is smartlive where you can bet as little as £0.25.

Any other ones? Got few things to test out but don't want to go bankrupt.


William Hill
They have a 0,10$ minimum live roulette
0,10$ is for straight up, splits, line, street bet
Even chance is 1$ minimum and dozen/column is 2$ (i think)

Depending on what you want to test maybe you should check it out


Someone just told me roulette69 have low limit wheels that is low as 0.01p stakes! Is roulette69 a good site?


I play on will hill at the 0.10p stakes on the RNG, not sure what the minimum stakes are for live. It's good for trying out new methods and not killing your bankroll plus will hill as far as i can tell have a good reputation.


Quote from: Amazin on February 26, 2012, 05:35:26 PM
Someone just told me roulette69 have low limit wheels that is low as 0.01p stakes! Is roulette69 a good site?

there are no wheels, only RNG there.

for live 0.1 dollar, euro, pound wheels there are:
1) playtech william hill group (including eurogrand and others)
2)playtech casino king group
3) casino vittoriosa
4) fairway and castle
5) smartlive
6) partycasino
7) nolinks://nolinks.casino777.be/

to find william hill and casino king sisters go



There are lots of casino sites which are really very interested to play online roulette games. smartlivegaming.com is one of the best site for playing roulette with low limits and we will get good bonuses too.


Shelvi - The bonuses are a trap for roulette at Smart Live and most other casinos. Have a very careful read of the betting bonus conditions. I think the terms and conditions are located in 2 different parts of the info pages. The general ones on the lower part of the home page & the bonus ones maybe click on the promotion graphic or similar? It's there as I was reading it a few weeks ago. What they stopped was bets on red & black, odd even, etc, over x15 inside numbers and maybe others? They won't pay on those wins if you have a bonus mixed in with your deposit.

In short they make it virtually impossible to win.
Most experienced players always warn people not to take up bonus offers AT ANY ON LINE CASINO because of hassles to get paid. Except if they give you some money with nil conditions. Very rare & usally just peanuts? They also say in the info they don't even have to explain why they won't pay?

They also have a thing called playthrough conditions on the bonus. It might be x40 or x50 the amount of your bonus. So say if your bonus is 100 then x40 = 4,000 in bets needs to be made, that's adding up all your bets. A hell of a lot of bets if your only starting with 1.

So shelvi - you can now see another way how the casinos get richer and the players poorer.     


Paddy Power slingshot. 0.1 euro. But very fast - 20 sec 2 place a bet


I never try online playing. Is there anyone of us winning and collecting money from these sites ?


William Hill offer live with low stakes though I tend to use the automated wheel see nolinks://youtu.be/AYWJ_UFXJfo (nolinks://youtu.be/AYWJ_UFXJfo)
They also have a low stakes French Table which returns half stakes on even money bets when zero turns up
Smart Live are good with a good history see Smart live at nolinks://youtu.be/piXBn8_0Eq0 (nolinks://youtu.be/piXBn8_0Eq0)

Providing you don't accept bonuses its easy to withdraw your winnings


mathemagician - It all looks better than an atm ? Are you promoting a pay for system here ?

Let's see how much you win/lose over a months plays or similar (say 30 sessions). Auto wheels are allowed to cheat if you don't know (variable wheel/ball speed technology) ? This is simply because they are not classified the same as live dealer spun wheels. Yep, they look & function like real but are actually manipulating the results. Why do they need to have these EXTRA things on the wheel if they are a fair game ?

Don't believe ? Then go to wheel makers site Cammergh.com & look up their product range + the demo video. Random rotor speed & air jet holes in the ball track for their auto wheels.

Live dealer play should be OK. Although in many casinos Terms & Conditions they warn about "BOT" play & can/will ban you &/or refuse payouts ? Apparently they have technology that ID's "BOT" bet placement vs manual mouse click bets ?

Most of all this has been extensively discussed via other threads. Will Hill had big thumbs down from some players when WH wouldn't pay out on wins ?
I think there is even a thread about CHEATING WILL HILL ? As well a section on casinos to be avoided ?

Do some research on both CC & here (go up to SEARCH) & you should find plenty on everything.


I don't play the auto wheels much I prefer the live and even RNG so I'm not really condoning them. I just gave that example as an answer to the question.

I am the writer of Roulette Key Gold, it's not a bot and hence can't be detected.
It could even be played on a seperate computer. I'm not a good enough programmer to write a bot, it's just a program that keeps count of everything necessary. As I've written it I can change it on request of my clients.

I actually started to write it so that two players could play in different locations on the same online live casino. But it turns out online gamblers are a solitary lot!

I admit it contains nothing new all the systems, are classics mainly from The Winning Rules, 1905, Sperienza. I even explain most systems before I sell it...........
I'm currently rewiting the book and recording each system. The new version of the book will give instructions for my program in every chapter.

There's a couple of examples at nolinks://roulettekeygold.com/systems.html. (nolinks://roulettekeygold.com/systems.html.)
The last two finals & sleepers are popular but more risky.

I don't gamble much but I started writing this software 3 years ago when I was made redundant. My customers pay an annual subscription. I make no promises other than 'the longer you play the more likely you are to lose'

There are  around 10 videos on my videos page several done this week and more on YouTube. Obviously I don't win every time I haven't the patience or the capital I'd rather be programming.