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Roulette progression for double streets - please assist

Started by jrhelp007, December 24, 2012, 04:06:18 PM

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I'm betting double streets. Meaning placing 1 unit that covers 6 number and pays 5:1.

Each time I bet 2 bets covering 2 double streets one unit each. Total of 2 units. If I win I get paid 4 unit vs 5 because 1 double street loss.

My question is I'm doing it for 6 times. can someone provide two type of progression. One conservative and the other aggressive for the above bets?




Mr J



I have used this system on playtech casinos for over 15 months,,,,ie ,,,tropez,,,europa,,,casino las vegas  etc  using only 10cent bets for starters,,,,10 cents split 2 streets X 3 = 30 CENTS ,IF BET LOSES double up,till u win then stop and go back to 10 cent split 2 streets = 30 cents,,,this is a very good system for small bankrolls  ,,,  ,,  ,,ie 20$-100$,,  ,,  ,, but the secret is you must stop  o $1.20 or $2.40 wins until you reach a good balance of between $500 plus,,,then you can bet bigger amounts $9 ie..then the money starts rolling in when your balance is $5000 plus,,in fact it is the only way  and very easy to accumulate large profits from small bankrolls,i hav tried all the systems and all the roboots and they are all rubbish



Progressions are NOT the answer.  They will NEVER make you win on the long run. 
You have to look into the wheel itself to win.  Play sectors, individual numbers.  For you to find out.



Well u say progression betting not good for the long run,,,,,,funny dat ,,  ,,  ,, iv banked over 40k using progresssion betting  the last 6 mnths,,  ,,  ,, bout half hour a day using 6 streets sytem i use,,,2 streets split 6 numbers 10cents x 3 1st win 30 cents double up ,,next win 60cents  ,,next is $1,20,,,next is $2.40 ,,,this is where you stop at $2.40 then repeat again,,,it is slow but it does eventually get you to the thousands,,,,$2 and a half k ,,ie,,,then you can place the higher bets with really no risk at all because you have the bank roll  to cover your non hits,,,i have played this style thousands an thousands of times without risk and all wins,,,iv bin playing for over 30years,,,and this is the best strategy i hav ever used,i have tried about jus over a dozen strategies an nothing compares to this method for fast an steady profit and its simplicity


Just not true.
Anyway, explain better.  Just cannot understand anything you say.

There has been dozens upon dozens of threads here with your method (what I think you are saying..) and none of them have been winners.

Just think about it for a millisecond.  It has been 200 years that players all over the world have been trying to beat the beast. And for all that time, all we had to do is to bet a double street with a stupid progression????  And you are the first one to see this?  Does anybody here believe this?

(the only way)


seems u know very little at how to win at roulette,,,iv bin playing for over 30 years and winning is very easy when you know how,,,,read my previous reply carefully,,,,6 streets ,,,split 7 an 10 streets with 10 cents then 16 an 19 followed by 25 an 28  ,,  ,, or any 6 streets you choose then spin,,,only good for playtech casinos or any casino with min 10 cent min betting,,this is very good for small bankrolls and youll make money fast,,,as your bankroll increases then you increas betting slightly as your bankroll increases,,,try playtech casinos ,,  ,, then you hav the option of play mode to practice perfect and to understand and perfect your strategy,,,this is very very an i mean very  simple to learn and execute this method,trust me it works on all casino RNG roulette games


If you lose how long i need to double up progression till win or stop doubling when i reach 2.40 betting?


double right away on your 1st losss,,,,,remember yr 1st bets  3x 10 cents is only 30cents,,,it is slow i know  but it is very much worth it in the long run,,,,stop at 60 cent win or 1.20$ win til u hit about 2500$ then u can carry on with bigger bets ie 4 and 9$....ie stop at 4 and 9$