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Lucas One: A Three-Step Even Chance System

Started by leroy, December 25, 2013, 04:17:05 PM

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Before heading off to the in-laws for our Christmas party
I thought I'd post this method.

I played last night and this morning with my free account
at Fairway and made $670. (The minimum on outside bets is $10)

I play my Dozen Dazzler method, with the modification, and the even chance bets.

The Dozen method is here: vlsroulette.com/index.php?topic=20902.0

I think what makes this a winning system is a loss on E/C is added to the
Dozen Labouchere Progression.

The Dozen play has not failed me so far since it picks up streaks and alternating
dozens. Adding the E/C bets to it is like adding icing to a well made cake.

1. Track 3 spins

A. Spin 1 is 3
B. Spin 2 is 14
C. Spin 3 is 9

So my Word Doc will have

3 14 9

I'll add the E/C bet under the numbers and get

3 14 9
L  R O

D. Spin 4 Bet is 1 unit on Low.
E. Spin 5 Bet is 2 units on Red.
F. Spin 6 Bet is 4 units on Odd.

While I'm playing my 3 spin E/C sequence I am logging the spins to get my
next three bets. The sequence is alway H/L first, R/B second, and O/E third.

Now, a win at any time is a new high and I start over at 1 unit in the
sequence, but if a loss occurs 3 in a row on the 1,2,4 progression I
add 7 units to my Dozen Labouchere Progression as 3,4 or 2,2,3 and
start over at 1 unit.

So, I'm playing two systems, both of which have their own running progressions.

The only decision you have to make on the fly is when your H/L bet is in opposition
to your dozen bet. I always omit one of the two depending on what is trending.
If a zero hits just log it as normal, but for that bet you can omit it or choose an
E/C that is with or against the trend, whatever suits you.

Thanks Proof


Good Luck!