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Q & A about the G.U.T. and TwoCat's Last Test.

Started by TwoCatSam, November 09, 2008, 08:50:46 PM

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Hi guys i have a few questions.
1) can u be profitable playing the gut with only 0v1, 0v>1, 1v>1 crossings? As winkels suggest playing that when u are beginning. But then he goes on to say that you must play a combination of crossings to get the positive balance.

2) when we are at: 11 16 10, we see a potential crossing of 11v10 (0v>1). For this to cross the >1 has to hit, so should we bet on the 16 "1"s. Further more the 0s are coming down, the 1s have gone up and are coming down, and the >1s are goin up. I think TCS has mentioned something like this during his play and i jsut wanted to know is this the right way of thinking or are we supposed to play the 0v>1 as the original rules.

I hope these questions make sense :)
I just like to say thanx to winkel for giving us these ideas. Its a different angle to the game that i would never have seen!!


Hi Potato,

thx for your interest.

Let me explain this situation by your example 11 16 10

1. the main rule says there has to be a difference of 1 or 0. This means you had to bet on 0vs>1 11vs10
2. What can happen:
a-  0  hits and it changes to 10 17 10 and we still have the same crossing 0vs>1 with a new trigger
b-  1  hits and it changes to 11 15 11 and we still have the same crossing 0vx>1 with a new trigger
c-  >1 hits and there is no change in the trigger and we still have the same crossing 0vs>1 with the former trigger.

3. the flexible rule says: "Watch what is going on" and "If in doubt don´t bet"
a- the 11 16 10 came from 14 13 10 that means 3 0s in a row, would you bet on "0"?
b- the 11 16 10 came from 11 19 07 that means 3 1s in a row, would you bet on "0"?
c- there had been 3 hits of a >1 in a row, would you bet on 0s or on 1s?
d- if you follow the last hits and they were 0 1 2 2 1 ( ) would you bet on a 0?
e- if you follow the last hits and they were 2 0 1 0 1 ( ) would you bet on a 0?
f- if the last hits were 2 1 0 0 1 ( ) would you bet on a 0?

If your answer is "Yes" so bet.
If you are in doubt, don´t bet.
If you answer is "No", don´t bet
If you can make a decision either bet 0 or bet 1 or don´t bet.

ref your first question: Yes


The Spiders Kiss

Hi Winkel
...And the 12 13 12 crossing ??? Cmon mate dont keep us hanging on!!!! :'(


Thanx for the reply winkel (so fast :))
So basically at 11 16 10
its is not wrong to bet on the 0s or the 1s, it is based on gamblers intellegence. That answers my question because at times i felt that it was better to bet the 16 1s but hesitated becuase i didnt know if it was part of the gut.

Going back to my first question, i wondered if it was profitable to play only 0 1 >1 crossings, becuase i found myself in a situation where i would only be faced with those basic crossings.
From what i have read:
- u do not play any crossings b4 spin 25,
- the 1st crossing should b 0v1, otherwise start agian,
- if there is no crossing b4 spin 37 start agian
- we are basically looking for the distribution of 13 14 10 at around spin 37
So i found myself involved in mainly situations of 0v1 0v>1 1v>1, and not involved in many of the other crossings because i had restarted.

So is it wrong to restart too much?
Also when u have reached 13 14 10 at around spin 37 is it better to restart or would u continue?



We discussed the TwoCat Bassackward crossing somewhere.  Now let's discuss the double crossing.  Again, this is out of my experience.

In the Track4 we have the = columns and the > columns.  I look at the = column (say 0) and then to the right for a number the same or one less.  15?  I look for 15 or 14. 

What if I look to the right and see two numbers which are the same or one less?  Say 10  9  9.  Use any numbers, just be sure there are two same or one less numbers to the right of your = column.  Then you have a double bet.  Double down on the ten (or whatever) numbers you bet.

Logic:  If it is good to bet for either crossing, why not both?  If you were betting red and even and your system called for a bet on red and even, would you not bet them both?

More later.......



Well, I'm back to the G.U.T.

I'm typing this to revive the thread so I can find it.  I am using the search word Piper and Bailey to clue me in.

I have been playing the G.U.T. again lately and I see the exact same things I saw two or three years ago.

I still have the old tutorial videos but Motion Box, my repository wen belly and many are too long for Utube.

I can always make new videos.

winkle, where are you?



Hi Sam,

Winkel was posting for a while over on the other vls. Then he stopped. I believe he was unwell. Ive not seen him post since.



I'm sad to say this, but I suspect the man died.  He once said he would not make to 2010.  Look like a family member would let us know.

For those who care, in his honor, I will do my utmost to explain and teach his method.  You'll never find anything like it.

While I'm at it, if droidman is still around I want to thank him again for Track4.



Died????Wrong Sam,he is over running his German site,as since Stive took over
other forum he said good bye.


-btw--Campus roulette forum




I'm just going by what the man once said.  He gave me the impression he had cancer and he said he would not see the end of 2009.

I'm glad the man is still with us and I hope he is well and happy.



Yes I remember him saying that...but as far as I know couple of best
programers test it with illion spins and apparently to them it doesn't
work.But whats the use of testing thatway....don't follow it.


I analyzed that n according 2 Winkel  over 8 months of playing it produced constant profit but it was like 1u in long day sessions on average.  Never believed in programmers testing. Additional problem is that u need 2 practice a lot first because it relies on sort of feel of d game. The rules r not everything. On other hand there is very good n easy 2 use software 2 help u with yr play but u still have 2 interpret it.



The software I use is Track4 by droidman.

If anyone ever needs help with the G.U.T., I'm always around somewhere.



Can someone please migrate the Track4 by droidman code to an IPHONE-4?