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"Your First Time At A Roulette Table"

Started by Ronjo, November 29, 2007, 12:41:41 PM

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Hi Everyone,

Do you remember the first time you were at a roulette table? I do vividly and man what a lesson.

I was very active in the sport of bodybuilding and two of my students who became my best mates at the time, their names Jack and Fiad wanted to thank me for all the help I gave them in their training in the gymnasium, and decided to take me out on a boys night out.

They took me out for dinner and said we are going to the casino after to play roulette and would I mind,I said not at all lets go.After a nice evening us guys had a nice chat with out the women with us as they insisted on that as these guys were in their late twentys and wanted to enjoy themselves.

We went to a casino called "Sibaya" a very beautifull casino,anyway we went right in to the roulette section and went to a table that was a five rand minimum table (our currency is "Rands") so that makes the ouside bets R50-00 min.We each put in R200-00 so we had a B/R OF R600-00.

Not knowing how the game was played I asked what now? Jack said Fiad was the expert as Fiad layed the cash on the table and waited for the chips, the casino was very busy as It  was Friday night and jammed.
I asked Fiad what now he says we are playing the two columns my reply was "oh" not knowing what the hell he was talking about.
Sheepishly Iasked whats that mean and he told me we are going to bet on two sets of twelve numbers in the three columns and pointed them out to me.
And he said it pays 2-1 for our two we get one and a loss we lose two,he added that we have a 63% chance of winning and we flat bet he says not knowing what the hell that meant,we did not lose so we won flat betting,I wonder what Fiad would have done if he lost.

The dealer spun and we won,we had five straight wins in a row our R600-00 was now R850-00 I thought man this is easy,after an hour we had R1000-00 A good R400-00 profit.We left and went for a couple of beers,paid for and our dinner paid for by the casino,I said man I love this place I could quite easily do this.I said to Fiad you are good man how did you do that?He said he bet on the last column that hit and chose the the one that hit before that one and that was his strategy.
I said at this rate we could milk the casino Fiad just laughed at me,I said I am serious man we could make some serious cash here this is easy,all he did was shrug his shoulders,did he know something I did not know.

After really enjoying myself we went home very late that night and spent the whole weekend thinking about roulette I had been bitten.
On monday I said to Alice I am going to the casino all I need is R200-00 and I will double that,she said really as easy as that,do you know how to play she asked,I replied I dont know all the wagers but The one we were playing is all you need to know to make some cash.
And I was off to the casino and now the game has started boy was I in for a surprise.

Iwill talk again tomorrow.



Well on the monday after I got back from work which was about 4-30pm I headed straight to the casino with R200-00.I went to the same table that we were playing at on the Friday night, bought my four R50-00 chips and bet on the last column to show and a bet on the one that showed before that and I won, I got my R50-00 chip profit for the two R50-00 chips I laid on the table.I won the next three games still using the method Fiad showed me,so I was up R200-00 so I had R400-00 now.

Now I put the R200-00 profit in my left pocket and still had R200-00 to play with and I said to myself that if I lost that there was no way I am going to take the other R200-00 out as far as I was concerned it was locked away.I can always try another day.
Little did I know in the future that this is what it was going to take to be ahead in this game.
Anyway what I did was I put the whole profit on the two columns a R100-00 on each column and yes I won,I did this untill I had R750-00 profit there was a guy playinig next to me and he said well done pal,I replied thanks man and left.
I got home at 6-30pm so I was gone 2 hours,When I got home Alice said gee that was quick you lost the money,so I smiled at her and took my beanbag off my waist and put it on the coffee table and said look inside.I did not cash in my chips I just put them in my beanbag and rushed out as I wanted to come back again the next evening after work.
Alice was wondering why I did not cash in my chips as I could see the dissapointment in her face,so I said not to worry I am going to make more tomorrow.

The next day the same time I was off to the casino went to the same table and played the same way and was up R400-00.By the end of the week which was a Frid I was up R3000-00.I still had not cashed in to Alice's dissapointment again.
I said to Alice I am going to spend the Sat**day at the casino and I will double that, man this was to easy I said to her I could give up my day job,she just looked at me as though I had lost my mind.Boy was she right.

Sat**day Alice said just take four chips with you and leave the rest here and I refused big mistake. I was at the casino at about 3-00pm and headed straight for the same table and bought my four R50-00 chips My first bet was R50-00 on each column and wham it happened I lost.Most of you know what this feels like you think you are invincible and when you lose after being on a roller coaster for awhile it feels like a sledgehammer has hit you.So I doubled on the same two columns that I bet previously and wham I lost again,I thought hell those two have to come in and yes I bet them again and lost,well to end it all I had R200-00 in my left pocket and the profits in my right pocket which had gone.The decision I made was to leave still with my original R200-00,so disgusted in myself saying to myself I should have changed the columns how many have you said I should have done that and that but it was to damn late for that.
I headed home and I had to tell Alice I lost all the profits as she had planned to buy things for her garden with that money I felt so bad.I had wasted all that time everyday just to land up square,man was I disgusted with myself.

So now I said to Alice I am not beat yet I am going back but this time I do not take cash with me,Alice asked why not my reply was I need to know everything about this game so I will go with pen and paper and see what other wagers there are to play.
Please do not use these systems that I am posting I will get to the systems that have earned some profits and I will recommend them and show how to play them as we get to them.

Mr J

I was thinking about my first time and how embarrassed I was. lol I'm a believer in using a notebook at the table BUT I brought with me a 10.5x8 inch notebook, like I was going to class or something. lol This HUGE yellow notebook. Everyone was laughing. What was my very first method you ask? Forgot what its called but its when you cross off end numbers after a win, sound familiar? Like you start off with 10 10. (playing the ECs). On a loss, I think you add 10 and 10? Something like that. It started off real good but then BAM, lost around $800, good times with that method. I thought I had to ask permission to use the bathroom. lol My first day was a big learning process. I have always said, you will learn much more from losing then you will from winning!!  Ken


QuoteI have always said, you will learn much more from losing then you will from winning!

Sure you do Ken,
Just remember also to advice people that unlike learning from the winning side, using losing for learning process can wipe your bank account!

...Morality: What you can learn from losing at the table, you can learn -for free- from losing at home playing in virtual with real actuals [smiley=wink.gif]


Mr J

Money issues are not the only things you can learn at the table. Etiquette is one example. The rules are another example or how to get around some rules. The learning is NOT all about losing 6K.  [smiley=lolk.gif]  It took me three tries to come up with the proper size notebook. At first, I made a mistake and only had one pen. The pen died and I was temporarily screwed. I now bring two with me. THEN, I needed to erase something (made a mistake) could not, temporarily screwed. I now bring erasable pens or pencils. MANY, MANY examples that have nothing to do with money.  Ken


Ronjo please tell the board when you hope to publish your Roulette Book as i am shure many would love to have it in there collection .Tks Colin


Hi Colin,

I planned for the publication for the end of the year,and I will be posting in this section regulary very soon.



I for 1 will certinly be looking foreward to your book .Tks Colin


Hi All,

I am going to post a bit about my ups and downs playing roulette.

Note:What I am going to show you are all my first steps in playing the table layout,and we will progress to the point In the way I play now.

I will cut a long story short,after spending many hours studying this game especially the table layout which is designed for you to lose mathematically if you play the table,we will get to playing the wheel later.

I found that playing the two dozens and two columns were attractive to me as it covered most of the table (24 numbers) and had a payout of 2-1.so on a win you had a one chip profit and on a loss you had a two chip loss,so I had to watch that I did not have to many losses as you could dig a deep pit for yourself and could not climb out.

About progression,I personally think that if you play the table layout you would need to use a passive progression to win, flatbetting would keep you at the table for awhile but you will surely lose,I personally used a one step progression,the sample below is a three step progrssion which also could be used as follows:


This is how I would choose which columns or dozens to play.

I would wait for say if # 10 from the first column hit and then wait for the second or third column to hit then I would put a chip on those two columns if I lost I would use a one step progression and play one more time on the same columns.If I lost that I would change and bet the last hit columns.

Say for instance you had a repeat in the same column with # 10 in the first column and then you have a hit with # 36 in the third column you play the repeat column and the third column.

You play exactly the same way with the dozens.

Always play the last two hit columns.
Below are the table layouts.

(nolinks://imageshack.us) (nolinks://imageshack.us)

Below are some samples of play with columns.

You could enter a game right in the middle of a bad drawdown,or you could be lucky and enter with a good trend,stay with the trend in this case trend is your friend.

The following tables all had $500 banks to start with,using $5 bets




Here the Dozens did not do to well.



If you have any questions please ask,or if you would post some spins we can go through the spins and do a little test.And then we can move onto the next method.Its best to play this method for very short durations,we used to start with $50 each chip and some times use up to a $500 chip.and we were out of there wihin fifteen spins or even less.To play with low value chips for many spins would be suicide,you will surely lose.




Thanks for the post Ronjo - looking forward to the next one!



Hello Ronjo,
Here are some spins from a double zero wheel at a land casino in the US to apply your method:

Spin    Result
1   20
2   25
3   2
4   20
5   1
6   30
7   16
8   10
9   30
10   32
11   5
12   15
13   8
14   28
15   9
16   28
17   6
18   12
19   24
20   0
21   14
22   27
23   35
24   9
25   6
26   0
27   6
28   26
29   11
30   21
31   5
32   24
33   00
34   0
35   12
36   26
37   10
38   36
39   00
40   26
41   15
42   35
43   8
44   27
45   29
46   22
47   33
48   19
49   11
50   20
51   16
52   24
53   5
54   21
55   28
56   9
57   22
58   4
59   36
60   4


Hi Bloom,

I have recorded the spins and I will post in the next few days.
And the we will move on to using 24 numbers again but using the quads.

Cheers Bud,