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Learning the Kimo Li way.

Started by PokerTwist1994, September 24, 2011, 01:15:26 AM

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Amazing read, and amazing thread. I have been trying to understand this for a few years, i have the book, and was really like what the hell, i put the book down for quite some time, and recently i have picked it back up, read this post and something has just CLICKED.....

I now can see the light, im understanding this on a whole new level now and obviously still learning, but Wow, i now feel confident in knowing that my bets are more successful, and i am predicting correctly.

Thank you Kimo Li.


its chinese new year!!!  i was trying my luck last night :yahoo:


Quote from: marvin on December 22, 2012, 08:49:12 AM
ofcrse I also have losses :)

As i am seeing ur tracking the pies n how the ball is moving  can u tell y have marked certain no in red ? I am a newbie n have just started studying the book

thank you


circled numbers are hits with bets.
slashed numbers are missed bets simply because of  "no more bets!" didnt bet in time.
deciding what to bet will take probably 15-20secs while placing bet needs another 15-20sec depends if you already memorize the pies(obviously i didn't) alfa/rapid roulette will only give you 15sec to bet.

so playing on a table is more preferable since you can ask the dealer to wait for you until you finished placing your bets.

Pan Pan

Hi all,

Here is my travel story in Kimo Li's materials.

I start studying his work some months ago. Immediately I realise that his work is a completely different approach from what I have read so far for the roulette.

I bought his book (for the European roulette) and I follow every step of his recommendations. Memorised the Pies, the Stars and then I bought one of his spreadsheets. The spreadsheet helped me to find my way on the potential bets.

For me the key is to find the frequency of the roulette events and convert them into wagers.

Even as a newbie in Kimo Li's work I have seen progress in my playing. My winning rate touch often the 75% in one hour sessions.

Of course I still have some problems with the progression which I use (sometimes Guetting, sometimes Hollandish) but I am sure as every day I am going from deep to deeper in Kimo Li's work, I will find solutions.

So, as there are so many stuff to share about Master's work lets give to this topic life again...

Happy travel to all of you in Kimo Li's work


Quote from: Kimo Li on September 25, 2011, 04:21:17 AM
Hello Cheese,

I don't recall having a conversation with you in the past.  Nor, do I think you have ever sent me a private message asking about Global Pies.  If you did, I don't remember.

I had a website a few years ago that explained the skip and run method, which is old as the beginning of roulette.

Here it is.  There are six sectors and you keep track of each sector using a spreadsheet.  Each column represents a sector.  You determine which sectors are coming and mark them as the spins are generated.  For example, using just one section, American wheel, the results look like this: 7, 29, 11, 30, 16, 35, 28, 14, 6, 9

Section 1

7   X
11 X
30 X
28 X
9   X

You do this for all sections.

Here's the key.  There are six numbers in each section, which means if you were to bet one section for six times you will lose one chip if it hits on the sixth spin.
You break even..  Ok  let me read on...
If you know that section one is going to come in at least once within the next six spins, you will profit, a small progression will keep you ahead.

The betting strategy is a little bit more complex than explained above.  I just wanted to show you how skip and run plays a big part.

So that is the premise behind Kimo Li's way, the skip and run tracking.  It's not for everyone. 

But, for the very few, they don't say anything because why should they, like you said, "Thats all anybody cares about, how to win."

They want to keep it to themselves.

BTW, in regards to the post I explained to PT, knowing where the ball lands with high frequency is a very powerful tell.

Best Regards,

Kimo Li

Kimo Li

It's been years since I posted. I noticed many people visit this section everyday. Thanks for learning.

Kimo Li


Quote from: Kimo Li on January 12, 2015, 01:59:15 PM
It's been years since I posted. I noticed many people visit this section everyday. Thanks for learning.

Kimo Li

Welcome back Kimo Li
Nice to see you here again :)

Kimo Li

I want to share a spreadsheet that has been sent to privileged individuals. Now to this forum, as well as others.
This spreadsheet tracks the layout characteristics: red, black, odd, even, high, low, dozens, columns, streets, double streets, triple streets, etc.
For beginners and professionals.

Kimo Li

Kimo Li

Everything posted about Kimo Li principles and methods are for recreational purpose only.
This is my next to last post.

Kimo Li

Nathan Detroit

Please raise your hands  if you have ever won  at an B & M casino  with Kimo Li `s   principles ..  I am also very well familiar with reviews about his book.  I cannot easily be fooled.


Kimo Li


Of all the posters, I am surprised you joined that group. Well, at least I know where you stand.

Kimo Li

Nathan Detroit

What is so unusual  about asking a question ?
Not one single reply  to date , 7/21/ 2015, by any winner but a complaint by Kimo even asking  such a question. Makes one wonder.



Quote from: Nathan Detroit on June 23, 2015, 05:45:18 PM
Please raise your hands  if you have ever won  at an B & M casino  with Kimo Li `s   principles ..  I am also very well familiar with reviews about his book.  I cannot easily be fooled.

I have.  I've lost, too.