The Best Ways To Cheat at Poker

As with any card game, there are countless ways to cheat at poker. This is not including techniques such as a poker bluff, which is legitimate and part of the game. But before I proceed, I do not in any way endorse cheating casinos or other players. This article is intended more to inform you of how to protect yourself from cheating. But still, if you’re looking to cheat at poker, the information may interest you.

Marked Cards

There are many ways cards can be marked. Most commonly, small marks with special ink or dyes are made on the backsides of cards. The markings are of course invisible to the naked eye. But under certain types of light, the markings are clearly visible when viewed with special lenses.

An example of how it works is like some banknotes have invisible markings. That is until they are viewed under ultraviolet light. The difference with marked cards in poker is that the reflected light is only visible with lenses. The cheating player can either use contact lenses, or replace the lenses of normal glasses they wear.

Naturally, marked cards are easier to use in private games. But do you really want to cheat your friends? And if you are playing in a high-stakes game in an illegal or underground casino, you are likely to get your legs broken if you get caught.

Marked cards can still be used in real casinos, in a variety of ways. Typically players are not allowed to touch cards on the table. If you were allowed to touch them, you could easily place fingerprints in strategic locations that identify the card. For example, A drink you may have at the table may be contained traces of your special dye. You could take a sip of your drink, and touch your mouth, then the card you wish to mark. The location of the mark can indicate the specific card it is. It may be a bit complicated to mark whether it is hearts, diamonds or whatever.

An example of easy implementation is a mark right in the center may indicate the card is a king. This alone can give you a significant edge over other players.

There are countless creative ways to mark cards. In the remainder of this article, we will explain some of the more sophisticated methods of cheating at poker.

Seeing Through Cards

If you hold up any card to a light, you will see straight through it. This is only with visible light. Keep in mind our human eyes can only see a very narrow part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Just out of our visible view is infrared light. An example of infrared light is a night vision camera. You will notice that night vision cameras have small diode illuminators around the lens. These are like miniature torches, except they emit invisible infrared light. The lens of the camera is capable of seeing this light, where is your human eyes are not. now let’s see how it is used to cheat at poker and other card games.

Beneath the table, achieving group of players can place infrared illuminators. Beneath the felt is the glass area that contains illuminators. When they are turned on, the infrared light will pass through the felt and the cards on the table. All that’s left is the cheating players need the ability to see the infrared light. This can be done with special cameras. It can even be done with mobile phone cameras. This is because generally cameras are far more receptive to infrared light than a human eyes. If you aim a mobile camera at infrared illuminators, you will be able to see the infrared light. If you don’t have infrared illuminators, try aiming a mobile camera at a fireplace while it’s dark. The infrared light will look like a weird lighting effect with rays emanating from the fire.

So the end effect is whoever has access to the camera feed can see through the cards, and no exactly what cards are in play.

Seeing Through Cards in Casinos

If you are a player in the casino, then you obviously don’t have access to place infrared eliminators and its tables. It is not to say that corrupt casinos never do this, to guarantee people they know always win. This would be a form of collusion between staff, and players. The victim is the casino owner.

But let’s say you are looking for a way to see through cards, without involving collusion on the assistance of the casino staff. Is it possible?

The short answer is yes, and it has been done by the same people who develop the casino cheating technology here.

Exactly how it works is not disclosed, although the following details are available.

Firstly, instead of using active infrared eliminators, passive electromagnetic radiation is used. This could be the lighting used by the casino themselves. Or it could be daylight coming in from the window near a table. There are a great deal of potential sources.

Secondly, appropriate sensors must be used to convert the images to be visible to the human eye. However, this is not as simple as seeing infrared light. If there were sufficient levels of x-rays, you can even use an x-ray camera. Such radiation is present everywhere, But not in quantities sufficient for this purpose.

A critical part of the technology is knowing how to see the reflections with the radiation source not being behind the card. The solution is related to light polarization.

Unfortunately, because there are so many different conditions, it is not possible to have a single piece of technology to see through all cards, and in all conditions. But we will give one example.

The table and cards can be radiated either by a team’s equipment, or the radiation may be present in the casino without additional equipment. It is already passing through the cards, and bouncing back from the table. One problem with ambient radiation is that it may not be strong enough to clearly see. Or more precisely, it takes some time for the exposure of the equipment to see the card clearly enough. It is exactly like taking photos of stars at night. With the regular camera, the exposure time is increased, so the dim lights of the stars appear bright in the final photo.

The process to see through cards in this way is no different. But it requires bulky equipment which is not practical for real casino use. Furthermore, the exposure time is too large for practical use. Further development would be needed to miniaturize the equipment.

Because the developers of this technology are focused on using roulette computers, they have claimed they have no intentions of developing this technology further.