Best Online Casino Games To Play

The biggest advantage of playing in an online casino is the massive availability of games. Most leading casinos have in their collection a multitude of gambling options that cater to beginners as well as professionals. While we all have our favorite games, having other options can come in handy when taking a break.


Slots are extremely popular with players who regularly visit online casinos. Nowadays, there are many options available that range from progressive and theme-based slots to the classic 3 and 5-reel slots. Slots make for a wonderful break from roulette because they require the player to only tap on a few buttons. Moreover, video slots add a sense of entertainment while playing that is always appreciated and, in the end, relaxing.


Unknown to many, most online casinos carry some form of lotteries in their repertoire. It’s quick and easy money that is perfect for a break and requires nothing much from the player. Moreover, online lotteries work in the same way as in real life. Therefore, if looking for some tips on how to make that winning bet, make sure you read up on these three essential points as listed in the article. Taking a break from roulette doesn’t mean you have to stop earning money. The best thing about lotteries is that you can easily play them on the move without giving it much thought.


Blackjack is among the most famous gambling games out there, and rightly so. Not only is it a huge money-maker, but the game epitomises gambling by being a combination of luck, skills, and tact. Moreover, blackjack carries the same kind of thrill as roulette, making it one of the classics in the online casino world. So, when wanting to play a hand or two, check out for the best online casinos that feature the game. Also, don’t forget to make the most of all the bonuses on offer that give you the right kind of monetary edge at the very start, putting you in the lead from the get-go.   

3D and VR Variations

Now, there are options in online casinos where you don’t necessarily have to change the game but can alter the way you play it. Within roulette, for example, as per, there are different variations where the game is a lot more alive and features graphics and sounds. Similarly, 3D roulette in online casinos has literally given the game a new dimension. Whereas, VR is now putting players in a like-like scenario where they can play as if in a real casino.


Although it is possible to enjoy roulette alone, it is best experienced with a lot of people all around. There is the option of live roulette, but if you want to take a break, and still crave social mingling, then bingo is the way to go. Online bingo is very much like its real-world counterpart, and consist of chat rooms where players can network with each other during the game. Moreover, online bingo variations include video bingo to give it a more technologically advanced approach, while keeping the players entertained.

Which Games Have The Best Odds?

It’s important to understand the difference between odds and payout. Odds are your chances of winning, and payout is the amount you are paid for wins. What determines your chance of profiting is the difference between odds and payout.

For example, on a roulette wheel, you might win on almost every spin if you bet on 35 numbers. But the payouts for individual numbers don’t change. So you can bet a lot to win a little. And if you lose, you will lose a lot.

The difference between the payouts and odds is called the “house edge”. No doubt you’ve heard of it before, but maybe you never really understood what it meant. Most online casinos will declare the house edge for each game, but many don’t – in particularly rogue casinos which are unlicensed. On this note, always ensure any online casino you play with is properly licensed.

Which is the best online game to play? It depends on what a specific casino offers. Some casinos provide “no house edge” games, meaning statistically you could play forever and neither lose or profit. It doesn’t mean the casino has no advantage though, so carefully check the fine-print. But at least where available, considering a game’s house edge is important. It’s one reason why you should always favor the European roulette wheel over the double zero American wheel. The European wheel has a -2.7% house edge, while the American wheel has a -5.26% house edge. That’s nearly double for the American wheel. Strangely, many amateur players think the extra green pocket simply means an extra way to win. Actually, it’s an extra way to lose.

In the case of horse racing or sports betting, you need to look for value bets. Specifically this means a significant gap between odds and payouts. You don’t know the odds of winning something like a sports bet, because there are countless factors like team player injuries. So the odds are anyone’s guess, although you can make informed decisions and estimations because on available information. The payouts are generally considered to be the odds in this case, but as explained above, it isn’t the case – again payouts and odds are different things.


There are many exciting games to play. You can stick to what you know best, or try one of the new varieties casinos provide to keep things fresh. But always carefully consider the house edge. There isn’t much point playing a new game if the house edge is terrible for players. A difference in the house edge wont enormously impact your bankroll in short-term play. But the difference can be enormous if you play long-term.