Busting some online roulette myths

Almost all the well-known online casinos offer roulette on their platforms, and the game is also very easy to play and is addictive in nature. While you are always in with a chance to score a big win in roulette, some people spoil their own luck by succumbing to superstitions and myths related to the game. Here in this short article, we will bust some of the most commonly known myths surrounding online roulette.

We’d also like to emphasise that people should be very responsible about their gambling and never go overboard while playing casino games. In fact, there are programs like Gamstop out there which allow you to self-exclude from online casino games for as long as you prefer. Although there are many non-Gamstop casinos as well, some of which are listed here at Casinomir, this program does help people in not succumbing to their gambling urges. Let’s talk about the online roulette myths now.

Lucky numbers are a myth

Humans have always tried to find patterns in different things. Even in a game that is as number-intensive as roulette, there is a tendency in people to see some patterns. Gamblers often have lucky numbers which they prefer betting on regularly, believing they will win big one day. And when that big win does come along, they quickly forget all the money they’ve lost till that point. It is very important not go after some so-called lucky numbers and make foolish bets while playing roulette.

Every spin of roulette wheel is unique

Imagine playing online roulette and witnessing something improbable, for instance, ball landing on 9, thrice, back-to-back. Many people might assume that the odds of getting 9 once again are astronomical and prefer staying away from betting on it. However, in reality, the odds of that happening again are exactly the same as landing any other number.

It’s important to note that every spin of the roulette wheel is unique and the numbers of the previous spins have no effect on the future ones. Although the odds of landing any number multiple times are astronomical, they stay relevant only before the roulette wheel is spun. For instance, the odds of this Brazilian businessman landing the right number to win $ 3.5 million remained the same in the spins preceding and succeeding the winning spin.

Cammegh roulette wheel

Not every roulette game is the same

Online casinos don’t often explain the roulette type they offer and the players also don’t pay much attention to the finer differences between the roulette variants. This isn’t right. For instance, American and European roulette are quite different from each other. While the former has a ‘00’ and ‘0’ slot apart from the regular 36 numbers, the latter features only a single ‘0’ slot in addition to those 36. The extra ‘00’ slot in the American version significantly changes the odds of landing the chosen number. While the American roulette gives house a 5.25% edge, this edge is reduced to 2.7% in case of the European version.