What’s The Best Bet In Roulette?

Best roulette bets

As you’re looking for the best roulette, you are probably new to the game. I suggest starting by learning the basic odds and payouts of roulette. Every casino provides a simplistic pamphlet outlining the same information. But that doesn’t properly tell you what you need to know, if you want to increase your chances of winning roulette.

The Difference Between Odds and Payout

In horse or dog racing, the odds and payouts are often considered the same thing. For example, the odds of a horse may be 5 to 1. This means that if your horse wins, you will be paid five dollars for every one dollar you bet. In reality, the 5 to 1 is the payout, not the odds.

The odds are completely different. The odds are the probability of an event. In the horseracing example, you can’t possibly know the odds of the horse winning. If there were 10 horses, it doesn’t mean the odds of one horsing are 1 in 10. This is because there are many variables that determine the winner. Perhaps one horse is not feeling well, and won’t run as fast. How can you possibly factor this into a betting strategy? How can you possibly calculate the odds with so many variables?

In roulette, the payouts are what you are paid on a win. For example, the payout for a win on a single number is 35 to 1. But there are 37 pockets on the European roulette wheel. So if the roulette wheel has random spins, the odds of winning are 1 in 37.

You’re probably thinking this is mundane information you already know. The most players don’t actually know the relevance, and how it relates to the best bet in roulette.

Types of bets on roulette table

The House Edge Applies To All Bets

The house edge is an inbuilt advantage the casino has over normal players. Essentially it is the difference between the odds of winning, and the payout. As in the example above, the payout is below the odds of winning. So even when you win, you are paid unfairly. This is the house edge.

With some rare exceptions, the house edge is exactly the same on all roulette bets. The only difference is different types of bets cover a different amount of numbers.

For example, a six line bet covers six numbers. And a dozens bet covers 12 numbers. The payouts are different, but the house edge is exactly the same. You could either bet $5 on two different six line bets, or $10 on a single dozen. The long-term result you can expect is exactly the same. You can test this for yourself on anywhere like choiceonlinecasino online casino, although see our advice for testing systems first.

Is There a Best Bet in Roulette?

 The short answer is no. All types of bets give you exactly the same house edge. The exception is the five numbered bet on the American 00 wheels, which gives the casino a slightly higher advantage. Australian betting sites and casinos use single 0 wheels, with the exception of low-limit tables that use 00 wheels.

However, you may not be interested in professional play. In such a case, the house edge may not be your concern. Then the best bet for you will depend on your style of play.

The payout is greatest with single number bets, but the odds of winning at the lowest. Therefore you could go many spins without any win, which tends to get boring. If you prefer inside bets like single numbers, then make a variety of bets on inside numbers. The payout on individual winds will still be 35 to 1, although you lose on any bets made on numbers that don’t win.

Ultimately if you play for fun, there’s no “best bet” in roulette. Mix it up, try different bets randomly and have fun. That advice applies only if you play for fun. If you intend to play professionally, then only sector-based bets can be profitable. This is specifically areas of the roulette wheel, and does not apply to random number generators.

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