Beginners Guide: How To Play Roulette

There is no shortage of guides explaining how to play roulette. The difference here is I’m a professional player, and know what I’m talking about. But I’m not going to hit you with complex systems and strategies used by professionals. The focus here is explaining how to approach the game, so you don’t waste time making the same mistake almost every new player makes.

Test Your System Without Real Money

Before jeux de casino argent reel (betting real money), iIt makes sense to thoroughly test your system. But you can’t test on just any game, because the results probably won’t be realistic. There are many free roulette games you can play, which don’t use accurate algorithms to determine the winning number. In roulette, a real physical wheel may be used. Or the winning numbers may be determined by random number generator, which is basically software. Let’s assume you start testing on the software version of roulette, which uses a random number generator. A common problem with a faulty or poor quality random number generator is that numbers tend to repeat, so results aren’t exactly random. For example, you might see a streak of number seven appear. Of course strange looking streaks of numbers can and does occur naturally. But it is especially the case for poor quality random number generators. One of the notorious poor quality random number generators is Microsoft Excel, which is commonly used to test roulette systems.

If you test your system at online casinos, how do you know you are playing against the algorithm used in real money games? You don’t. So as a general rule, never test systems at online casinos, even if there are free play money accounts. There have also been notable instances of dishonest online casinos allowing you to win in practice sessions. But when you start betting real money, the real algorithms come into effect, and you lose.

So first and foremost, test your system with a reputable source of spins. This doesn’t mean choose a random site that seems unrelated to casinos. Because many online games for roulette rely on the random number generators of the server. But many servers are also notorious for having accurate or poor quality random number generators.

The random number generators used by real casinos, for real money, often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are not merely a few lines of source code. They are expensive because they deliver properly randomised and unpredictable spin results.

Research Your Casino

Just about every land-based casino in every country is properly regulated by the local government. It doesn’t necessarily mean the casino will be honest. You might think otherwise, but there are many cases proving that casinos are a hotbed for corruption such as money-laundering. Generally where there is money, there is corruption. On the bright side, the corruption doesn’t usually affect everyday players such as yourself. So generally you can rest assured that most games are legitimate and fair. If they aren’t, the casino risks losing their license, which would be an expensive proposition.

Things are different with online casinos, because you don’t always know where they are licensed, or what loose restrictions the casinos must abide by. It pays to carefully research online casinos with websites like But you need to extend your research to other websites, because most casino listing websites only reveal factors such as casino bonuses. What you really need to know is the casinos complaints and feedback. After all, if the casino treats you unfairly, you want to complain about it throughout the Internet.

Be aware though, even honest and fair casinos still have bad reviews. In fact some casino promoters regularly unfairly attacked competing casinos, encouraging you to join casinos they promote. Fake negative and positive reviews are certainly not uncommon in any industry. The Internet undoubtably made it a lot easier.

There are still a variety of mutual websites, which allow complaints from unhappy players, but more importantly the casinos are allowed to respond to the complaints. This happens in a transparent setting, so everyone can see the casino’s responses. It also allows you to see which complaints are unfounded.

Start With What Other Players Have Learned

The basics are boring, but it is where you should start. Even players that have been around for decades often get the basics wrong. For example, the European wheel has 37 pockets, but the payout it is only 35 to 1 if you win on individual numbers. It sounds basic, and it is. But where players go wrong is they don’t understand the casino get their advantage from unfair payouts. This means the only way to profit consistently is to win more frequently than random chance – and by enough to overcome the unfair payouts.

The problem with most roulette systems is they don’t do this at all. And no matter how sophisticated system may appear, the odds of the player winning on any individual spin are still no better than random.

There are indeed ways to legitimately beat roulette, but it makes sense to start with the knowledge of what we already know doesn’t work. Then you can focus on the approaches that at least have some chance of consistently profiting.

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