The Best Bets to Make In Roulette

If you want to become a master of roulette, then this is easier than you’d think to do. A few simple tips are all you need in order to come out on top, and when you do, you’ll soon find that you make way more money from every game that you play.

Roulette Bet 1- Red and Black- Evens and Odds: 1-18/19-36

When you go to a casino, you won’t be given the chance to win a game 50/50. The odds are usually done in the casino’s favour, and this is common knowledge. If you go with this betting choice you are essentially giving yourself the chance of hitting almost half of the options that are on the roulette wheel. The 0 and the 00 are not counted either, and this gives you an even better chance of winning. Sure, that means that the payout ratio can be lower, meaning that it’s 1:1. When you look at the numbers on the other hand, you’ll soon see that it is one of the best and safest bets that you can do. Payouts can be super rewarding with every bet you place, and this is especially the case if you are willing to risk even more money. This strategy works well with online roulette too because the table is the same and it gives you equal chance of winning, so do keep that in mind.

Roulette Bet 2- Columns

If you are not thrilled at the idea of coming out with a win of 1:1 then try and bet on columns. If you go with the second-best roulette bet, you will be coming out with a win of 2:1. If you bet $10 then you’ll be coming out with $20. The number of red and black will differ on each column, and you also need to remember that the 0 and the 00 aren’t included in the columns either.

Roulette Bet 3- Black Third Column and Red Second Column

The third best bet is designed for those who like to hedge their bets. The roulette board is an interesting concept to say the least, but if you play your cards right, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t come out with some big bucks. When you look at the third column on the board, you will see that there are 4 black numbers and 8 red numbers. The second column however, is reversed. It has 8 black numbers but only 4 red. If you are a savvy roulette player, you’ll soon see that this can give you a distinct advantage. It can also give you some, slow, yet very steady gains. If you bet on the red column in the third and double your bet on the black, you’ll either be likely to make a profit or break even. Here’s why- the third column contains way more red numbers when compared to any other column. This means that there’s a chunk of red, right there. If you bet on black however, then you would have less than half a wheel. The third column gives you a total payout of 2:1 yet the black gives you a payout of 1:1. Your column bet should be half the black bet if you want to break even. For example, if a red number shows up, you win back double your initial bet. If you lose your bet on the black, you will push because you’ll be even. The same concept applies to the other side of things. If you have a black number come up, then you will win the black bet but you will lose the bet on the column. If you happen to have a black number come up on the third column however then you will pull ahead again.

Roulette Bet 4- Straight up

If you care more about the money you’re going to come out with more than the risk then your best bet would be for you to go with the straight roulette bet. This means that you are going to be betting on a single number. You have to hope that Lady Luck is on your side here because the risk is high. That being said, the payout that you’ll be getting is around 35:1. This is the only bet that includes both the 0 and 00 tiles.

If you have $350 then you could actually go through 35 x $10 bets, one after another before you get out of the game. If you win once then you’re up another $350. The chances of hitting the number that you’re betting on are around 1 in 37, but what’s gambling without a little risk?

Roulette Bet 5- Split bet

If you want to go big but you know that the straight bet just isn’t for you, then why not go for the higher reward, but with a lower risk? If you want to do this then choose the split bet. You will be putting chips on two numbers that are next to one another. This can be a horizontal placement, or it can be a vertical placement. You then need to place the bet on the line between these two numbers. The payout for this is lower when compared to the straight bet, but the chances of you actually hitting your number are 1 in 18. This is way better when you compare it to the odds which you’d be getting from the previous bet.

So, there are plenty of ways for you to make a small fortune out of your roulette betting experience. The above tips are designed to give you the edge you need, while also helping you to better your chances of coming out with a win. All in all, winning at roulette often comes down to the experience you have. You need to know when to bet and when to walk away, but when you do, you will be able to bet with more confidence and you’ll also be much more likely to come out on top.