Roulette, Poker, and Slots: How Live Casinos Change the Online Casino Experience

The live casino is a great addition to the world of the online casino, and it has completely changed things up. Whether you are playing roulette, poker, or any other game, you can often find that the play experience is very different compared to in other parts of the casino. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games you could try, and how the live casino shakes them up.


If you head to a bricks-and-mortar casino, one of the liveliest games will always be at the roulette table. This is one of the oldest games in a casino, and its longevity exists for good reason. It is a very convivial game that is always better when played with a group of people.

Playing in an online casino with an RNG powering the game can be a very different experience. It is just you and the AI. Some players will enjoy this, of course, while others will want something a little more social. This is where a live casino can step in. There is a real croupier operating the wheel and placing bets for you, and you can interact with them and fellow players through the chat. It is much more akin to playing in a bricks-and-mortar casino, and helps to break down some of the barriers and make you feel like a part of the game.


As with roulette, poker is a very social game. Sure, you can choose to play it in a closed game with no one but you and the computer, but this is never going to be the same as if you sit down to play it at a real table. Choosing to play in a live casino can give you some of that back.

What’s more, choosing to play at a site like the GGPoker platform can bring you a whole host of other things to try. You might be able to enter a tournament that could see you playing alongside one of the great poker pros. There might even be a chance to pick up a WSOP bracelet, just as if you were playing in the Main Event in Las Vegas.


Though we are yet to see a slot machine with tumbling reels appear in a live casino, there are numerous other games that have similar properties. Many live casinos host Wheel of Fortune-style games where a host will spin a wheel and could potentially award a bettor. On top of this, there are games based around the popular board game Monopoly, and many others that those at the live casino could try.

The range of games available here is truly amazing. No matter what you want to try, there could be a game to suit you at a live online casino. You just have to seek it out!

It doesn’t matter what you prefer to play – a live casino has plenty of games on offer to explore. Many of these are made and hosted by some of the top games studios around, so you can be certain that you are playing a game that is top-quality. If you are searching for casino games that are a little different from the fare that are usually on offer at these types of sites, you should definitely think about trying a live game. The hosts are warm and welcoming, and they are always ready to help out a player who might be new to the format. Head to your favourite casino, and see what types of live games they have on offer now!

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