Best European Roulette Strategy

The Basics of Roulette

Originated in the 17th century in France, Roulette is one of the most played gambling games across Europe where people bet on numbers and the winner will be decided based on the number that performs on the wheel of Roulette. You can find some find some great free tips for winning roulette here.

What is Roulette?

Basically, Roulette is a wheel which has a spinning wheel. The edges are divided for revolving with the bowl base. Before the wheel is spun, people bet on the numbers with chips at the betting table. The ball eventually falls on any of the numbers of the divisions and the wheel to stop.

The wheel is divided in thirty six parts from numbers one to thirty six. There is no proper sequence for the arrangement of the numbers and they are patterned in black and red. The players can find one green division in the European type with number‘zero’ whereas the American Roulette has two ‘zero’ number divisions. As this casino game originated in France, there are many French terms still used while playing the game. To have a slight variation, the US tables have English terms.

How to Win Roulette?

A simple game to play with simple bets, the colored chips are used to place the bets for playing Roulette. Dissimilar colors distinguish different players. The croupier picks up the ball and spins the wheel, rolling the ball in a direction opposite to wheel. After falling, the ball takes its place in one of the slots and the spinning wheel comes to a stop. The croupier collects the chips of all the players who lose the game and gives away the profit to the winner who has bet the number where the ball has halted.

The outcome while gambling on Roulette appears uncertain. Rather than envisaging or persuading the upshot, it is better that this game is played with Best European Roulette Strategy. The intensity varies with strategies; the less the game is lost, the more it is won.

The Best European Roulette Strategy involves the application of physics as explained at

What are the Rules?

There are a few rules that need to be considered while playing Roulette.

The Advantage of the House: The advantage of the House on a table with one zero is only 2.7 per cent whereas the percentage doubles on the double zeroed mat. The player can make profit with this advantage by winning a chip or two.

En Prison: The rule of En Prison is only applied to players who are betting with even money. In this bet, the losing player is provided with two options – he can either take half of his betting money back or play the next round with the remaining money. If the ball spins zero in the second round, he will have to give away the entire cash to the casino. Not all the casinos follow this rule.

La Partage: Akin to the rule of En Prison, La Partage allows the player to take away the remaining cash; he cannot keep it for the next spin. The rule is applicable when the upshot is zero and the even money is an outside bet on High/Low, Red/Black or Odd/Even.

The Stake: Roulette tables are often seen having stakes with maximum and minimum caps. The money that the player cashes for the inside bets (gambling through one to six numbers) must go beyond the minimum cap. On similar lines, the maximum cap deals with the player betting for Straight-up bets.

The chances of the casino to earn even-money are reduced to half with both the rules. The House advantage cuts to 1.35 per cent with the En Prison or the La Partage rule for single zero mat and 2.63 per cent for the double zeroed table.

How are the Payouts?

If the player is betting on one number only, he is making a Straight-up bet. He is paid 35 to 1; 36 with a House advantage, 37 with no House advantage.

Split bet is a bet on two numbers where the play is split and the player is paid 17 to 1.

Street bet is a bet on three numbers where it pays 11 to 1.

The corner bet pays the player from 8 to 1 for betting on four numbers.

Betting on six numbers can give the player an advantage of gaining 5 to 1.

Playing with the column at the outside is paid 2 to 1.

Betting with even money at the outside will pay 1 to 1.

What are the Terms?

The Roulette, as derived from France, has few French terms replaced in English.

French Terms              –           English Terms

Rouge                          –           Red

Noir                             –           Black

Pair                              –           Even

Impair                         –           Odd

Manque                       –           Low Bet

Passe                           –           High Bet

Premiere Douzaine     –           First Dozen

MoyenneDouzaine      –           Middle Dozen

Dernier Douzaine        –           Last dozen

Colonne                       –           Column Bet

Sixain                           –           Line Bet

Carre                           –           Corner Bet

Transversale               –           Street Bet

En Chaval                    –           Split Bet

En Plein                       –           Straight Up


Most of the players try opting tricks to win by using their lucky numbers or picking those divisions that occur frequently. There is another set of people that study the game and pick those colors with numbers which have not often shown up. However, there is no Mathematics or no signature moves to play. Following the rules and applying the Best European Roulette Strategy can only influence the gamble.

Winning Strategy For Roulette – What Are You Missing?

Playing roulette for fun is one approach; however, but there is a serious side to it; and it is the money that is involved. Well, money and a game of luck may not fit in the same shoe for most of us; but surely for not all of us. The difference lies in the winning strategy for roulette. Consistent winning requires more than luck. Using a system never guarantees you to win on every bet. However, it significantly improves the odds of winning if the system is designed well. A good system can minimize losses and control winnings. And there are opportunities to win when you step into a casino. Behavioral traits equally play a decisive role in earning handsome payout every time. Well, earn something extra and keep the margin intact. That helps you go a long way.

Wrap Up When Needed – Responsible Betting Is A Virtue

The thumb rule of any gambling game says spend only that you afford to part with. It applies to playing roulette too. Responsible gameplay keeps you away from losses; at least when you know when to stop. However, the same rule does not apply when you deploy an easy to use roulette system to win the edge like you should. Here are some tips that help you in enjoying the game of course, in a safer manner than otherwise.

  • Your winning strategy for roulette solely depends upon how you handle the game. Players use numerous methods. For an example, a player starts with $10 and earns $15 in some time. Now this is a decisive stage. One player may toss all the $15 on next bet and try the luck. However, the safer approach says you can withdraw $5 and keep it aside. Then continue with $10 as you started. This helps in minimizing losses to 50% risk. On the other hand, you are at 100% risk if you bet $15 at once. Learn ways to protect and multiply your assets when you are at the betting table.
  • Combination of alcohol and greed for money results in the loss you do not want and deserve. Therefore, keep a check on alcohol and limit the greed. Well, your greed for money reflects strongly when you part with what you have won after hours of gameplay. Control the risk to enjoy your slice of pie.
  • Figuring out the right betting strategy is crucial and you can entail it in numerous ways. For an example, observe a few spins and learn how others are betting. You will realize the crux after some spins, wins, and losses. Another way of dealing with it is spending some time on a free table, bet, and take hands on experience of how things work. Well, it also buys time to learn the secrets otherwise unknown to everyone.
  • Working with the right set of instructions for playing roulette is priceless. You will realize it only when the system works in your favor. Stick to instructions meticulously and that minimizes the losses greatly. For an example, instructions pertaining to modes of betting help you in understanding the process as well as the returns expected. Therefore, play safe whenever you can.
  • Certain times, numerous factors unknown to you work in your favor. For an example, a biased wheel, a low quality ball, deformed ball, deformation in the ball track, and poor maintenance of the wheel could offer an edge. However, only keen observation helps you in determining these advantages. A warped light streak reflection from the wheel or peculiar rattling sound due to deformation in ball track declares bias. It often leads to higher frequency of the ball landing in particular slots. You can observe the bias and make it an advantage for you.
  • Think of conditional probability with a neutral perspective to figure out the realities often camouflaged under myths. For an example, figuring out a reliable winning strategy for roulette cannot depend upon the numbers of previous drops. Well, there has to be some connection between the previous counts and unfortunately, there is not. Thus, the law of sequential probability fails to deliver wins at the cost of your bankroll.

Making many chips from the few is the foremost priority and the goal of every gambler and you need to define delivering strategies to entail it. Well, things are easy when you are playing for recreation; however, far different than otherwise. Therefore, be sure to stay on the right track, grab as much as chips as you can, and enjoy every moment of gambling responsibly. Labouchere, Martingale, and many more systems are available and above all, expert players offer their counseling to help you win. Use all these sources to your best benefit and walk out with a hefty payout every time you leave the casino. Vegas has it all, are you up to it?

Tips For Winning Roulette – Learn The Art

Roulette wheelRoulette, the fascination of millions of worldwide gamblers is a game easy to figure out in a way. However, it could trick you depending upon variances and variables and therefore, tips for winning roulette matter a lot in spite you are a seasoned or an occasional player. Learning the art of the irresistible mind game is easy when you delve into the realities often obscure from the gamers. Winning and losing certainly are a part of the game; however, you can cross the bridge with some homework and patience. Of course, you may not need to know about the Fibonacci sequences or be a pro at all times. However, things change radically when your strategy is right.

Mark Your Territory – All Tigers Do It Eventually

The foremost of the strategies to win is to find the decent gameplay and casino for you. Identifying the precise spot depends upon various factors. You ought to consider

  • Size of your bankroll
  • Your emotional fitness to handle pressures
  • Patience and available time
  • Seriousness of the gameplay
  • Games available
  • Type of wheel – for an example, single zero European roulette is always preferred over to double zero American roulette.
  • Average bet size

Consideration of these factors is decisive in spotting the right casino that welcomes you. Well, at least these factors play a crucial role for beginners, as they may feel stranded if they land in a wrong place otherwise. Gambler’s heaven like Las Vegas offers tons of choices and it sometimes turns into a mind-boggling experience. Therefore, mark your territory to ensure a comfort level during the gameplay. It surely helps for better concentration.

Bankroll Management – What Is The Fuss All About

You need to sculpt a plan to spend when a ball tossing on a wheel decides if you are winning or not. Therefore, focus on effective bankroll management to stay on longer and learn the insider’s secrets as you go on playing. For an example, if the minimum bet amounts to $20 and you have $100 then you will play five times at the most. The sensible decision is to avoid playing on tables with high bets for minimal risk. On the contrary, a table with a $1 minimum wager opens 100 opportunities to try your luck and earn more money in turn. Understanding the edge matters a lot as it assists you in settling into the game. You cannot understand the gameplay unless you settle and effective bankroll management offers a chance to settle. Therefore, split your bankroll in several small portions.

Bets And Odds – What Are Your Chances

Learning the structure of bets and odds is one of the essential tips for winning roulette. Not all roulette games are same and so changes the casino edge. Roulette wheels with double zero offer up to 5.26% edge to casinos. Similarly, betting structure changes in many ways depending upon how you place the bets and what are the odds of winning. The simple 35:1 structure is common; however, the winning chances are less. In addition, various ratios are practiced and understanding them before placing a bet is necessary. Understand payouts and odds for roulette and you are ready to go. However, avoid betting against you by placing bets like 1-12 and 2nd 18.

Some Tips That Help You Survive Through The Game

Well, being in the action center is quite tantalizing and the casino zing may make you commit some common mistakes you should not. Therefore, follow these tips and play a great game every time.

  • Never feel that the dealer is ignorant to you. They need to do a lot like complete the spin, chip clearing, payoffs, and a lot more than you can possibly imagine. Therefore, do not be pushy leaning over the glass and shouting from the bottom of the stomach.
  • Ask for the right denomination of chips while buying colors. By default, the dealer will shell out the lowest denomination possible and in turn, you receive heaps of chips.
  • Never toss the chips while placing bet. There are other bets on the table and your action could mess everything up. Handover your bet to dealer in case you are unable to reach to the right spot.
  • Never place your bet before the dealer clears payoffs. You need to wait for a while until payoffs are done and the table is clear to accept new bets.

Certain times, professionals offer handy tips for winning roulette and these tips do work wonders. You can learn about them by yourself with a trial and error process too. However, it comes with a cost. Find the right casino and the right spot to enjoy good times full of action. Do not miss certain perks like club cards for value added services. Rules of the gameplay do not change when you change the table, casino, or even the country. All you need to know is what makes you a winner.

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