Roulette Expected Value – Simple Explanations

Roulette is one of the simplest games in the casino. There is only one event to consider, which is the winning number. So calculating the expected value is relatively simple.

With some rare exceptions, the expected value is identical for all roulette bets. You can find the odds and payouts on our site, and use a Demo Play Roulette to see it in action.

Calculations for Expected Value

To determine the expected value, you need the probability of the event being tracked. You also need the amount you win if you predicted the correct number, and the amount lost on any losing spins. And finally you need the probability of losing your bet.

A Simple Example

Let’s consider a 50-50 game such as a coin toss. Say you are playing against a friend. You could bet ten dollars on each flip of the coin, and your friend bets eleven dollars. Now let’s calculate the expected value for you:

Firstly we recognize we have a 50% chance of winning. When you win, you win eleven dollars. Also keep in mind you will lose half the time. Each loss will cost you ten dollars.

The math is:

($11 x 0.5) – ($10 x 0.5) = $0.50

So it’s the amount you win times the probability, minus the same for your friend.

European Roulette Expected Value

European Roulette only has a single Green 0. The expected value for players is significantly better than the American 00 wheel.

Let’s consider the simplest bet possible, which is one unit on a single number:

If you bet on a single number and win, the payout is 35 to 1. This means a win gives you back your original bet, and 35 additional units (36 total).

There are also thirty-seven pockets on the single zero European wheel. The odds of losing are 36/37 spins, because you are only betting one number, and not betting on thirty-six other numbers. Expressed as a percentage, this is 97.30% or 0.973. Here’s the math:

(35 x .027) – (1 x 0.973)

0.946 – 0.973 = -0.027

And the -0.027 is where we get the 2.7% house edge. A simple way of looking at it is 2.7% is the same as 1/37.

Now let’s consider a different type of bet. For example, a square bet which pays 8 to 1. This type of bet covers four different numbers. The probability of winning is 4/37, which expressed as a percentage is 0.1081. Since this is the probability of winning, the probability of losing is 1 – 0.1081 = 0.8919.

Now the full equation is:

(8 x 0.1081) – (1 x 0.8919) = 0.865 – 0.892 = -0.027

So we can see even with a different type of bet, the house edge is still 2.7%.

Expected Value For American Roulette (Double Zero)

The payouts for American 00 Roulette are exactly the same as European Roulette. The one significant difference is that American roulette wheels have an additional pocket. The 00 wheels are most common in the United States of America, although also see service in various countries including Korea. American roulette wheels are quite rare in European casinos. If you ever have the choice of playing American or European wheels, European with the single zero is the obvious choice.

Now let’s repeat some of the equations above, but with the additional pocket.

(35 x 0.0263) – (1 x 0.9737) = 0.921 – 0.974 = -0.053

So this is a 5.3% house edge, which is nearly double the house edge of European roulette. As with our European Roulette example, we can obtain the same value with the fraction 2/38.

What the Difference In Edge Means

As the house edge is nearly double for American roulette, you basically lose money twice as fast. Let’s take a more detailed look.

With American roulette, there are 38 numbers. Let’s say you bet on one number for 38 spins. Statistically, you will win 1 in 38 times. On your one win, you will be paid 35 units, plus the original unit you bet. So after 38 spins, if you had bet on every spin, you will end up with thirty-six units. The ratio is 36/38.

Now with European roulette, there are thirty-seven numbers. And if you bet one number for thirty-seven spins, you can expect one win. So after the thirty-seven spins, you will be left with thirty-six units. The ratio is 36/37.

To summarize, after around thirty-seven spins on the European roulette wheel, you will be down about one unit. After around thirty-eight spins on the American wheel, you will be down two units. Understand the house edge is typically small and has a long-term effect. But those small differences in numbers can make a big difference over time. Again it helps to see a casino demo so you have a practical sense of how it works, and what to expect.

Understanding Variance

Let’s consider an example on the European roulette wheel. Again there are thirty-seven numbers, and statistically we expect to win one in thirty-seven spins if we are betting a single number. But this doesn’t mean we will specifically win every thirty-seventh spin. Sometimes we may win on consecutive spins. Sometimes we may not win once in two hundred spins. But on average, we will win about one in thirty-seven spins.

The difference between the average, and the deviation from averages, is basically variance. Another way of looking at variance is that it’s basically good or bad luck.

You may assume that casinos always win. But this is not the case. Even casinos can and do have losing days. For example, a player may have a lucky large win of two hundred thousand dollars. The win may occur on an individual table. In fact it may take this particular table several days to earn back the money for the casino.

Likewise, a professional roulette player with an advantage can still lose. Anything can happen in the short term. Even if you have an extremely high edge, the ball may land in the correct sector, but not specifically on the number you bet.

But probably one of the biggest mistakes made by system players, is that they think short-term winnings indicate their system works. The fact is even random bets can and do win for short periods of time. Only long-term results should be used to determine the viability of a system or strategy.

9 Fascinating Facts about Roulette

Have you always wondered what the origins of the game of roulette are and what exactly made the game so popular around the world? The truth is that roulette is one of the most fabled gambling games and one that has become a part of countless legends and gambling stories for many different reasons.  

Roulette is a game of chance like most other casino games, with no real skill element involved. Unlike games like poker where decision making is actually important, in roulette it all boils down to pure luck. The house always has the edge and there is no way to beat the game in the long run, but that does not mean that you can’t have a ton of fun with it.

In fact, if you don’t mind playing a gambling game in which the house has an edge, roulette could easily be your best choice for a great number of reasons. We list top nine fun facts about roulette that you probably didn’t know and that might just make you want to try the game and test your luck.

1. Roulette is the Devil’s Wheel

The reasons behind roulette being called the Devil’s Wheel are twofold. For one, the game can be quite devilish and unforgiving at times and has left many hardcore gamblers broke without a penny in their pockets. However, the real origin of the name comes from the fact that added up, the numbers on the roulette wheel amount 666, the devil’s number.

2. There are Multiple forms of Roulette

While the game of roulette is found in almost every casino around the world, it is not always the exact same game you will be playing as there are multiple rules of roulette that might apply.

The various forms of roulette offered in live and online casinos around the world change the variance and the house edge of the game, but also provide versatility for the players. If you are sick of always playing the same old game of roulette, trying some French roulette or multiball roulette online could be all the change you need.

3. American Roulette is European in Origin

As you might know, American, European, and French roulette feature a different table layout. European gamblers got used to single-zero tables, when in Vegas you can find roulette games with a double zero on their wheels.

The double zero layouts originated from Jacques Lablee’s 1796 ‘La Roulette ou le Jour’, one of the first books about roulette in history. In those days, both layouts were present in European casinos.

However, German designers decided to remove double-zero tables from their new gambling houses and roll it out as a novelty to attract more customers. It worked, so now all European casinos feature only one single-zero layout.

4. It’s Nearly Impossible to Get Cheated at Roulette

While many gamblers like to look for someone to blame for their bad luck, the fact is that roulette is easily one of the fairest games you will find in any casino. Unlike card games which can actually be rigged by well-trained dealers, it is almost impossible for a dealer to rig a spin of roulette.

While some wheels could be adjusted on purpose or by chance to give certain sectors a better chance of landing, this could actually be exploited by savvy players, which is why casinos make sure their roulette wheels are as straight as possible. As far as dealer skills go, it is nearly impossible for a dealer to hit a sector using skill alone.

5. American Roulette is a Sucker’s Game

As we mentioned above, American and European Roulette are quite similar, with only one difference: the American Roulette wheel has one slot more, while all payouts remain the same. This means your chances of getting any bet right are slightly lower, while all payouts remain the same, making European Roulette a far superior game.

In fact, the difference in house edge between the two games is quite large, with the extra number taking the house edge all the way up to 5.2% from the original 2.7%. The more spins you play, the worse it gets and our advice is to always look for European or better yet French Roulette if you have the chance.

6. Most patterns players think exist are fallacy

When playing, players often catch themselves thinking that games have some winning patterns and place their bets based on these patterns. The real mathematical and logical truth is that there are no patterns in the game of roulette (with the exception of those discovered by advantage play) and any number can land at any time regardless of the last spin or any other statistic you can think of. While there is no harm in placing a bet on numbers that are “hot” or “cold” or your “favorite numbers”, there is absolutely no upside either. Every player has the same chance at every moment as every other, so it’s all really down to luck.

7. Martingale Doesn’t Work

One of the most popular roulette “systems” out there, the Martingale, is in fact completely bogus. While there is a realistic chance of making some money using this system before you go broke, the same goes for any other type of betting pattern that you may apply. In fact, there is really no difference between playing the Martingale or just letting it all ride on a single number. In the long run, the two will amount to the exact same loss.

8. Cheating in Roulette is Possible

To an uninformed person, it may seem like roulette is a game in which the player can hardly cheat. However, over the years there were many examples of people beating the casinos by cheating, one of the most famous being Francis Faruggia, who used a late bet scam to beat casinos out of millions. Placing your bet once the ball is almost landing without the dealer noticing can give you a significant edge.

9. People Have Won and Lost Millions at Roulette

There were more than a few examples of people losing millions of dollars or pounds playing roulette. Back in 2004, Brit Ashley Revell bet his life savings of over $135.000 on a single spin and walked away with double the money. The likes of Philip Green have won multiple millions in single nights, while numerous high stakes gamblers were reported as winning and losing millions in more private settings.

Spin Away at the Devil’s Wheel

As you can probably tell from these interesting pieces of trivia, roulette is a fascinating game with rich history and many legends revolving it. If you have never played the game, you should definitely give it a go! Don’t forget to keep the stakes reasonable as you wouldn’t want to play too high on the Devil’s Wheel unless you know exactly what you are doing.

There are many other stories we could tell you about roulette, but the best way to get more roulette stories is to actually spin the wheel yourself. If nothing else, you will at least be able to build your own legend and think of new interesting facts about one of the most popular casino game in the world.

Accurate Advice To Win at Roulette

You might expect that getting accurate advice and tips to win at roulette would be easy. Unfortunately, Google does not determine the accuracy of a website’s content. Instead, rankings are based on the popularity of a website. This means the Internet is flooded with interesting but inaccurate content.

Google is aware of the problem, so it reportedly has begun work on an algorithm that favors websites with accurate content, and penalizes websites with inaccurate content.

Simply put, the majority of websites you find about winning roulette are loaded with nonsense. They are usually written by Internet marketers with no real experience in beating roulette.

Where can you find accurate advice?

A good start is our roulette tips page, which was designed as a genuinely helpful resource, rather than a page we intended to rank well in Google. Specifically it explains the typical mistakes system players make. It explains invaluable tips concerning what does and doesn’t work.

You could try the various roulette forums, although don’t believe everything you read. Most members have very little experience in professional systems. In fact our forums have a clear red warning on the front page urging readers to carefully test systems before betting real money.

The casinos profit from inaccurate information.

The casino isn’t particularly interested in helping you win. After all, they only profit if you lose. It doesn’t mean they hate all winners, because casinos need winners to give the losers hope. Similarly, roulette wheel and equipment designers build in subtle manipulative features. These features are designed to mislead players into developing losing systems.

A good example is the display of hot numbers. Hot numbers are simply numbers that have won significantly more than others. On any roulette wheel, inevitably some numbers are going to win more than others. The greatest mistake a roulette player can make in this case is thinking the trend will continue. In fact it was never a trend to begin with.

Testing this is rather easy. First I suggest beginning with a reputable source of spins, whether they be from a random number generator or a real roulette wheel. You will need a significant number of spins to test with. If you use a random number generator, you can quite easily obtain millions of spins. Again hot numbers will occur with any roulette wheel, and any random number generator.

Ideally use automated software to determine how frequently a number wins in one hundred spins. Consider the five numbers which have spun most. Now check the next one hundred spins. You’ll probably find you have a completely new set of hot numbers. Of course there is a chance that some of the previous hot numbers will be included in your new set of hot numbers. That’s just basic probability.

So how is this relevant? Almost all roulette machines, especially automated machines, include a touchpad screen. These screens include various statistics that appear professional and useful to the inexperienced player. An inexperienced player may try betting on a hot number, expecting the number to remain hot.

A similarly inexperienced player a few seats over may have a different view. They may see the numbers that have hit least, and expect that these cold numbers are due to become hot. Who’s correct? Neither players. It is important to understand that in any gambling game, nothing is ever due. Nothing happens without cause. The winning numbers occur because of the various relevant variables, including but not limited to wheel and ball speed.

Thinking a number is hot, and that its streak will continue is a serious mistake. And so is thinking any numbers is due to become hot.

Choosing reputable casinos.

Every online casino as an affiliate program. And every affiliate has a website, promoting their chosen casino is the best. This makes entire websites a gigantic ad. Nevertheless, you can still obtain valuable information about online casinos from them. Click here to see a site that lists the various pros and cons of available online casinos.

But as with any site, ignore the hype and focus on the features you are looking for. Suitable advice depends on your requirements. For example, if you are a professional player, you would need live dealer roulette. This is because exploiting real roulette wheels is far more plausible than exploiting flaws in random number generators.

Exploiting genuine flaws in a casinos random number generator is no small task. You would require potentially hundreds of thousands for proper analysis. This would cost a lot of money because you would lose during the data acquisition phase. If you are unable to determine any flaws in a random number generator, then you have no way of obtaining an edge over the casino.

It’s very different with real wheels because you need far fewer spins, and there are a variety of ways to exploit roulette wheel physics.

Testing your strategy properly.

Most roulette system players fail to test their strategy properly. The most common mistake is testing far too few spins. For example, often a player may test system over just one hundred spins. And if the player uses betting progression, the chances are they will profit. But continued play will likely result in a loss.

If you tested a random system over one hundred spins, sometimes you will win, and sometimes you will lose. Out of say fifty groups of a hundred spins, you may find you win thirty, and lose twenty. But tally up the total winnings and losings, and chances are you will find overall you have lost.

If you are honest with yourself, you would conclude that your system does not work. If you just look at the amount of winning sessions versus the amount of losing sessions, you may incorrectly conclude that your system works.

Regardless of any roulette tips or advice you will find on the Internet, proper testing will reveal whether or not the advice is accurate. If you fail the test properly, you will only realize the accuracy of the advice when it’s too late.

Gambler’s Fallacy in Roulette: Why Most Players Lose

Firstly, the page at reveals detailed information about why most systems fail. It explains, what works, what doesn’t work, and why. The page was created specifically to help roulette players understand their mistakes. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped a lot of players like I hoped. This article discusses various reasons why.

The same principles also apply to other casino games, such as slot machines. The differences are more the odds of winning vs the payout. But the core principles of gambler’s fallacy are the same. See slots no deposit if you prefer playing slots.

Most Players Believe What They Want To Believe

Do you believe what you want to be true, or what the truth appears to be from your observations?

To a logical mind, clearly the truth is the truth, regardless of what you want. But with typical gamblers, matters are different. Most tend to believe what they find convenient, and what they want to believe. This is clear because for decades I have tried to explain gambling mistakes to many players. But no matter how clear my examples are, they are often not at all understood.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but many players tend to have a bias towards information that suits them. Perhaps it’s literally delusion. For example, say a players system was waiting for 5 reds in a row, then the player bets black. The player may be convinced that black is due soon. Of course the reality is red or black have an equal chance of appearing on the next spin. I could explain to the player the reality of the situation, and exactly how to test to verify what I’m telling them.

In this case, I would suggest testing over a very large volume of spins (millions if possible). You would then note the spins where five reds occur in a row. Next you would consider the spin that occurs after the five consecutive reds. For now ignore the existence of green zero, so the only possibilities are red or black.

Tally up the amount of times red or black spin next. You will find that they occurred much the same amount of times. In other words, you would have just verified red and black have the same chances of spinning, regardless of any previous streaks of red or black. So what’s the point of waiting for five consecutive reds? There is none.

The facts of the matter are irrefutable. And although this is a simple example, much the same thing happens with typical roulette systems. In our red and black example, testing is very simple. But other roulette systems use a much more complicated bet selection. However, the result is the same, which is regardless of previous spins, the odds of any number spinning next are unchanged.

Slot Machine Fallacies

Much the same fallacies occur with slot machines. Of course you should test on free slots no deposit win real money, before playing for real.

Matters are a little bit different for slot machines though. Some slot machines produce truly random spins, based on a pseudorandom number generator. But other slot machines bass player payouts on what they have paid out previously – this guarantees the casino never loses.

You should only attempt to play fair slot machines, and you can see some recommendations at slots no deposit.

A More Complicated Example

Now let’s say a system tried to utilise the principle of the law of 1/3. This law indicates that after thirty-seven spins, around one third of the numbers will be repeats. Put another way, there will be about twenty-four unique numbers in thirty-seven spins.

Here’s where most players get stuck: even if you test billions of spins, you will see the law of 1/3 is quite dependable. In fact the chances are you will never see thirty-seven unique numbers in thirty-seven individual spins. So a system player might consider this predictability to be something they can use.

The reality of the situation is the more numbers that appear, the more likely they are to repeat on the next spin. So say if you had twelve different spins, with twelve different numbers. On the next spin, the odds that the winning number will be one of the twelve numbers is 12/37 or 32.4%. So there is a very good chance you will have the first repeating number on the next spin. It should be common sense. It’s just basic statistics.

But the inexperienced gambler will not look at the basic statistics. Instead, they will focus on the fact that around third of the numbers will be repeats after thirty-seven spins.

So here you can understand the player is looking at the wrong thing. They are forgetting basic statistics, and not understanding the reality of the situation.

Does Predictable Behavior Mean Predictable Spins?

This put the above example in different context. Again let’s ignore the existence of zero. After around a hundred spins, you can expect about fifty blacks, and fifty reds. It sounds predictable, right? To an inexperienced player, it sounds like something they can depend on. They may believe if they wait for a severe imbalance between reds and blacks, they can just bet on the color that has appeared least.

For example, they may track one hundred spins and notice seventy are red, and thirty are black. They may then consider that after a total of two hundred spins, we normally expect about one hundred blacks, and one hundred reds. So they may then assume black needs to catch up, therefore it is best to bet black. The reality is on each following spin, red and black have exactly the same chance of spinning next. So it wouldn’t matter which color you bet on.

One Of The Most Ridiculous Incorrect Theories

As the owner of the world leading roulette forum, I’m properly in a better position than anyone to see some of the most ridiculous gamblers fallacies. Here’s one that I came across recently:

The player claimed that his system won more than it lost because he used a collection of different systems. He said that at any time, one of the systems may go bust. But because he quickly switched systems, he could avoid a loss.

To a professional player, his claims are ridiculous because if one system didn’t work, and the secondary system didn’t work, then both of them together won’t work either.

It’s Mostly About Player Perception

It is very easy for players to look at particular facts, and misunderstand what they represent. The example of the law of 1/3 is just one common misunderstanding. The law of the third takes place simply because the more numbers that spin, the higher the probability that one of the numbers will repeat on the next spin. Knowing this doesn’t at all increase the accuracy of your predictions on the next spin. And all that matters is the next spin. After all, you only get paid for wins.


If typical gamblers properly understood why their approaches didn’t work, casinos would almost be out of business. The whole casino industry revolves around delusions and illusions. It all comes down to ignorance. Despite many websites and resources from professionals, which clearly explain reality, most players choose to ignore such resources. Alternatively, there are a lot more websites full of nonsense, which perpetuate poor understanding.

Does this mean that the ignorance is due to misleading websites? In part, perhaps. Although it’s the minority of the websites that have inaccurate information, an intelligent player need only test properly to understand why their system eventually fails.

Roulette Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts Behind the Wheel

Playing roulette for the first time can be nerve-wracking if you don’t understand the etiquette. If you don’t want to make any faux pas, here are the unwritten rules behind the game of roulette.

Know what you’re getting into

It’s a good idea to understand the game. You place bets on either the number or the type of pocket the ivory ball is going to land in but there are different types of bets. “Inside betting” has better odds and lets you pick specific numbers, while “straight up betting” makes you choose one and has a better pay-out. Decide which is right for you before getting to the table. Once you’re at the table, make sure to check what the minimum and maximum bets are for the spin to avoid the embarrassment of handing over a £10 chip when the minimum bet is £15.

Understand the betting process

Holy cow that is a HUGE stack!! 😍 📸 @patrik_antonius_official

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Roulette chips and generic casino chips are different colours and can’t be used interchangeably. When you arrive at a roulette table, the croupier changes your chips for roulette chips, and when you want to leave, you need to ask they be changed back. Once you have your chips, you can start betting. The key is patience. Bets can’t be made until the previous round has been cleared out. The betting process lasts around one minute so make sure you move quickly. You can still place bets when the ball is rolling, but once it begins to slow down the dealer will close the betting pool. Betting after this is called past posting and can get you kicked out of the casino. Once the spin is over, the dealer collects any lost bets, and pays any winning bets.

Keep your hands to home

Never ever reach your hand onto the roulette table after the spin. It may be innocent, you may be reaching for your own winnings, but you will automatically engage the suspicion of those around you.

Source: James Bond 007 via Facebook

Watch your temper

It’s frustrating to lose and exciting to win but remember where you are. Your win may be someone else’s loss. A small celebration is fine, but make sure it stays small. Roulette players dislike both sore losers and sore winners.

Consider where you’re playing

The United States is a tipping culture. It would be rude if you didn’t tip your dealer, especially on a win. In the United Kingdom, tipping is less serious, and you can get away with forgetting. Meanwhile, there are casinos in Europe that ban the practice altogether. Follow the customs of wherever you’ve decided to play.

Or alternatively

You can go online. Online roulette is a good way to dip a toe in the water without having to worry about unspoken rules. Sites like William Hill casino let you play everything from classic roulette to mini roulette, meaning you have a lot of options to flex your roulette muscles.


Casinos are exciting, dazzling. But they can also be intimidating, full of hidden rulebooks and caveats. Understanding etiquette can make the difference between feeling uncomfortable and having a fun time.

How Tech has Revolutionized iGaming

From the advent of the first online casinos way back during the 1990s dotcom bubble, things have come a long way. With the past decade seeing stratospheric advances in digital technology and the ways in which the internet has been integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that online casino games have followed suit. From those simple days when an online casino consisted of little more than an 8-bit game of blackjack against your CPU, the way we all play has been revolutionized, and the industry is one of the keenest adopters of new tech in 2018. Here’s how recent advances in technology have completely revolutionized how we gamble.

Source: Pixabay


You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been paying keen attention to the explosion in cryptocurrencies over the past couple of years, with Bitcoin, in particular, being responsible for one of the biggest gold rushes in the modern era, having increased in value by over 1000% over the course of 2017 alone. With millions of people now preferring to use e-currencies to pay for everything from bills, vacations, houses and even a cup of coffee, industries have scrambled to adapt to a world where brand new currencies are springing up every day and becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Casinos have been noticeably quicker on the uptake than most, adapting their digital platforms to ensure than cryptocurrency users are able to use their preferred tender with ease and convenience.

Immersive Experiences

Aside from adapting their outfits to fit people’s new tech habits, many online casinos have also invested heavily in new technology to ensure their gaming experience is as immersive and entertaining as possible. With the advent of wearable tech, super-high-quality sound and image recording, and mobile technology, people can now play live casino games with real people in real time, all from the comfort of their home. People can play roulette and blackjack with real-life dealers who are interacting with you online from a fully kitted-out studio, who allow you an immersive, realistic casino experience which feels like you’re sat in the middle of Caesar’s Palace or Monte Carlo, despite not even having to leave your living room. With huge strides being made in the fields of camera quality and sound recording technology, as well as streaming speeds, the experience of gaming is being made to feel as immersive and realistic as possible.

Gaming on the Go

Arguably the most defining technological change of the past decade concerns portability and size. Your average smartphone is barely the size of a post-it note, but has the processing power that a supercomputer had thirty years before, and allows for an endless range of technology to be adapted for people’s pockets. Casinos are no different, and from the early days worked hard to adapt for mobile. The result is that the real casino experience has been made more accessible than ever, with slots, poker, roulette and blackjack all playable in an instant, whether you’re on the train to work, waiting in line at the DMV, or chilling out on vacation.

The advances in technology have been breathtaking, and it’ll be exciting to see just how much further the casino industry adapts to the very technology that are continuing to change our world.

Live Dealer Roulette and Technology

Once upon a time, the only place that you could play roulette was at physical casinos. Then online casinos made their appearance, but a lot of punters still preferred going to brick-and-mortar casinos because the digital version was not very sophisticated.

Technology kept on evolving and nowadays the casinos provided by online gambling operators have everything that a gambler’s heart desired. What is more, you even have the possibility of playing roulette with live dealers within your four walls or on the road. You virtually feel like you are actually inside a real casino. There are many advantages offered by an online casino. For instance, very often their roulette table limits are higher than traditional ones. If you are a high roller and want to find out more about such online casinos, then go to

Live roulette online: What is that?

For those of you who might not be familiar with the online gambling industry, live dealers have taken over online casinos over the last few years. This means that players can play and interact with a real person, in real time, while playing their favourite casino games online. Live dealing is a phenomenon that is growing exponentially probably because punters can experience the thrill of a real-world casino while playing at home. Although this type of online casino is relatively new, it has gained popularity very quickly.

Live roulette at online casinos offers high-quality gaming because it works with sophisticated software developed by top companies in the industry such as Realtime Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech. Even though blackjack and baccarat can also be played live at most online casinos, roulette remains the most wanted game by players. Even though you are not physically present at a casino, live roulette lets you live all of the thrills of interacting with a dealer and even other players if you wish. You also have the possibility to communicate your bets to the croupier and send messages to other players at your table.

How do live casinos and roulettes work?

Playing live roulette is very similar to playing roulette at a physical casino. One of the main reasons why players choose to play online is convenience. You just need a stable Internet connection and you can play wherever you are: At home, at your favourite pub, or on a train.

Modern applications have enabled that not only can you play computerised roulette but also with a live dealer feature. Online casinos added live dealers to make the playing experience just as exciting as when you are inside a casino.

How is it done? Online live casinos must employ sufficient employees to ensure that all aspects run smoothly. Not only are croupiers (dealers) required, but also camera operators, IT managers, and many more. Since running an online casino is less expensive than a brick-and-mortar one, the operators of live casinos can afford to hire extra staff.

A live casino is set up in a similar fashion as a TV studio. In addition, you need an IT room for all the software and space for the analysts. Let’s take a look at what is necessary for live roulette. Since the game is fed “live”, a lot of cameras have to be used at different angles at once so the player can have diverse views of the roulette table: Wheel, overhead, picture-by-picture.

A game control unit is required as well since the video that is broadcasted has to be encoded. The human croupier also has to be encoded. The dealer himself must have access to a video monitor (or monitors) so that he can see the players that are currently online.

An important technological development has helped live dealing greatly: Optical Camera Recognition (OCR). This innovative technology makes it possible to catch every detail of the roulette room and show them to the players. It is also thanks to OCR technology that players can place wagers via their computers, watch card shuffles, wheel spins and other aspects that make the live dealer roulette game a unique experience.

How exactly does a live roulette game work?

This is just like when you are playing in a real casino. In order for this to function well, the dealer has to be filmed and then the images are transformed by the OCR software. Finally, everything is sent or transmitted to the players who are participating from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else. Then just like at traditional casinos, players simply place their stakes on the colours or numbers of their choice and the computer software processes the data.

Once this is done, the dealer lets the players known that no further wagers will be accepted and the game can begin. Every movement of the little ball in the large wheel is transmitted to the participants. Should the players have questions during the game, they can ask the dealer without any problem. The result of the game can be seen “live” but they are also displayed on the screen. Of course, the one thing that a dealer will not tell you is how to win, but you can find various tips online regarding that subject.

Live roulette: Dealers can interact with players

Once again, advanced Internet and computer technology make it possible for players and dealers to interact as if they were face to face. Thanks to webcasting technology, roulette players feel like the dealer is right in front of them instead of being kilometres away. The dealer’s every gesture, mimic, movement and words are captured and sent via the Internet. Of course, in order for this to work perfectly, only the most advanced video cameras can be used.

Advantages of playing online live roulette

There are many reasons why modern players prefer playing roulette online rather than going to a physical casino. First of all, you save time and money. No need to drive to a casino in order to satisfy your thirst for a little bit of roulette thrill. The money you save by staying at home can be spent on playing online live roulette instead and maybe increasing your stakes a little.

For people who might be intimidated by the environment of a traditional casino, playing at home is the perfect solution. You don’t even need to change your clothes! Your surroundings are defined by you so you can feel at ease while playing thus enhancing your roulette experience. You can play all alone or enjoy the company of other players. This is not possible at a brick-and-mortar casino. You can even switch tables whenever you want!

The popularity of live online casinos can also be explained by the fact that they offer players the possibility to interact with the dealers during the game. This is not possible with automated roulette games.

The croupiers are professionally trained, just like at any normal casino. They are also overseen by pit-bosses. The latest interactive technology enables the live “contact” between dealers and players.

In conclusion, here are some of the reasons why roulette players enjoy playing live roulette at online casinos. First of all, they can chat with the croupiers and other players thus taking care of any need for human interaction. The majority of live roulette games offer the possibility of choosing your own background music. You can decide whether you wish to play with one or many players. In addition, gaming history and statistics are available at all times. Another interesting aspect is that you have access to many different camera angles so you do not miss any of the action. Finally, most online casinos will let you customize your betting limits and even the colour of your chips!

Using Online Casino Bonuses To Beat Roulette. Yes Or No?

One of the most significant advantages that online casinos hold over the live brick and mortar casinos are surely the bonuses that online casinos offer their players. While live casinos also provide many types of rewards for their players, online casino bonuses offer very real and immediate boost to a player’s bankroll.

Deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and all other types of bonuses can usually be used to play all of the games that an online casino offers, but there are some things to consider before trying to make money at online roulette using bonus money.

Types Of Bonuses

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses. The most popular online casino bonuses are certainly the deposit bonuses, which are paid into the player’s account upon making their first deposit. These bonuses usually offer quite substantial bankroll boosts but also come with plenty of conditions.

Reload bonuses are also very common, providing between 50% and 200% of the deposit amount and given out at various times to players to get them playing again. Other types of bonuses include game specific bonuses and there are plenty of casinos out there that will offer you a tailored bonus made for roulette players specifically.

The Conditions Of Online Casino Bonuses

This is where things get a bit tricky for online roulette players. Normally, a bonus will come with a 20x to 40x playthrough requirement, meaning you will need to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times in full before any money is released to you.

However, roulette players will usually need to do a lot more than that, as the game of roulette usually counts for only a small percentage of the playthrough requirement. For instance, many casinos will only admit 10% of all the bets made on roulette toward the playthrough requirement of the bonus.

In such cases, a player will need to bet 200x to 400x times the bonus amount before money can be withdrawn. Furthermore, placing bets on red/black or odd/even or using a roulette system will often get your bonus amount removed from your account.

This is why it is of utmost importance for roulette players to check all the bonus terms and conditions before they start playing online roulette with a bonus as this is the only way to know what you need to do before you can cash out.

Finding The Best Bonuses

Fortunately for roulette players, there are hundreds of online casinos that offer plenty of bonuses for players to pick from and you can make your own pick. You can go here for a detailed look at many of the world’s best online roulette casinos and select the one with the bonuses that are most suited to your playing habits.

The fact is that every player has his own needs and wants when it comes to the type of games and bonuses that are most suited to him and thanks to the resources you have access to in the modern day, there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best possible option.

Can Online Roulette Be Beat With Bonuses?

Online casino bonuses add a substantial amount of money to your playing bankroll, which means that they will certainly increase your chances of actually winning money when you play online roulette. Whether you will win or lose is always down to how lucky you are, but the more money you have to play with, the chances are higher that you will win.

Especially if you are someone who plans on playing roulette quite a bit either way, you can rest assured that the bonus money you can get from a casino will add equity to your bottom line. Join one of the best online roulette casinos today and start your own experiment at beating roulette using online casino bonuses.

Keep in mind, every casino has its own conditions that you will need to follow to the letter unless you want to lose your bonus and possibly not get paid at all for trying to cheat the casino. Make sure you read the terms that apply to the game of roulette at every casino you play, and you will be fine to start winning.

Understanding How Online Roulette Games Work

Ever since gambling was invented many gamblers were suspicious that those who are organizing the games are cheating them. Roulette is a very old gambling game, but to this day many people believe that casinos are using different strategies to make the numbers that come less than fair.

When the online roulette games started to appear, this became even more expressed, as you will often hear players say how you can never believe a computer program and that online roulette will never “let you” win.

However, all of this is not true and there are many systems in place that protect the players from such attempts at cheating. Today, we take a look at how online roulette games actually work and whether online casinos are fair and a good place to play roulette.

Random Number Generators And How They Work

A random number generator is a computer algorithm that is used by online casinos in all their games to ensure that the outcome of every spin or flip of a card is random to the highest extent that it can be. A random number generator shuffles through huge amounts of numbers per second and the moment a player presses the spin button, a value is stopped within the random number generator. This value is what you get at the end of the spin and there is no actual spinning happening.

However, the random number generator is extremely fair. While there is no ball spinning around or a wheel to speak of, the value that you will stop and the number which will pop up as a result is truly completely random. While hacking the algorithm could in theory allow players to cheat the system, the casino is not cheating you and the result of a spin has nothing to do with what numbers are being bet.

Independent Reviews And Licensing

So how do we know if what the casinos are saying about RNGs is really true? The truth is we could not, if there wasn’t for independent auditing of the casino software. In order to be considered as any kind of a legitimate online casino, each company has its software tested by companies such as eCORGA whose job it is to ensure that the games are fair and the users are protected.

The independent audits are also done by the companies that issue casinos with operating licenses such as the Gambling Regulatory Bodies of Malta and Gibraltar, whose licenses are world renowned and accepted as a standard.

To make a long story short, if a casino holds a reputable operating license and is audited by eCORGA, you can be sure that the RNG is working 100% in order and the payouts that are advertised are the payouts you are going to get when you play.

Finding The Right Casinos

If you intend to play online roulette games, you will need to do so at a casino that operates with proper licenses and whose software has been checked and audited by the likes of eCORGA. Fortunately, today there are plenty of online casinos that fall into this category, but you will want to make sure that you are playing with the absolute best.

To help you with this, you can visit, where you will find a full and comprehensive rundown of all the best online casinos in the industry along with information on bonuses, promotions, banking options and all other aspects of each casino.

Keep Safe And Win At Online Roulette

Online roulette is a very fair and user friendly game as long as you keep safe and stay away from any dodgy online casinos. History has shown that there are people who will open an online casino with the sole intention of cheating their customers and this is why it is important to play only at reputable casinos that are licensed and externally audited.

You can find plenty of information on licensing and auditing of each casino online, so be sure not to jump into any online roulette action before you know for sure what kind of a casino you are dealing with. Once you are sure the casino is using actual working RNG, you can jump into the action with complete ease of mind.