Can you play roulette online for real money?

Yes you can play roulette online for real money, but should you? Many online casinos are known to cheat. Relatively few are honest. See the best live roulette casinos online for further details. If you are new to roulette, also see the martingale roulette betting system so you don’t create a typical roulette system that loses!

“Every gambling game has mythical stories and fallacies.” At first glance, roulette is an intriguing and puzzling game that’s exciting to play.

Many of the typical betting strategies use principles that simply don’t work. The game itself is mostly the same in different countries. Likewise, the wheels also differ from one to another. For instance an American Roulette wheel possesses two zero pocket while the European wheels are structured with only one zero pocket. There is also another variation according to the number of pockets in it. In French or European Roulette the wheel has 37 pockets but an American Wheel has 38 coloured and numbered pockets.

Some believe if the ball falls in the black pockets three times, it is more likely to spin next. It is not only a fiction but also a superstition, because each and every spin of the wheel is unique and different from another. Though the Roulette wheel is designed using mathematical measure, it still it has no memory, so the black and red have equal chances of spinning each time.

Most players think by playing enough on the table they can devise a way to beat the wheel, but the keen observation is necessary. Otherwise the wheel beats them each time. It is a game of luck both on the side of modern casinos and gamblers. Even the casinos monitor their wheels to keep themselves as random as possible, so the reading of wheel is not easy. But it is proved that only science can track its advantage. Thus the theory of “Spend long enough playing” is partly fiction and partly fact.

Science and myths from the first:

The basic model principle of a Roulette wheel is mingled with science and maths.A large portion is confident about the French mathematician Blaise Pascal as the inventor of the game in a monastery. But another myth rewards the monks as the real inventor. But it is not hard to imagine that the game was invented by the monks for their own entertainment not for the casinos at first.

Science and Roulette:

The great scientist Albert Einstein was puzzled about the success on this gambling game. Once he uttered, “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” This speech sounds like a pessimist to us. But in this age of ultra-modern technology the wheel can be defeated by keen observation and technological progress as the N.B. facts.

1. Some time the casinos use unfair tricks on their wheels. But one can be turned to a winner from a looser if he point out this fault and turn it into the own strength of winning. For example we can mention the elite Beaux-Arts Casino of Monte Claro.- In 1873 a British engineer Joseph Jaggers fond out a faulty wheel there.Later he cracked it and was fortunate to win $325,000 on the same.

2. As it is said before again and again not only the observation but also a keen analysis is necessary to outwit the wheel.- In about 1993 Gonzelo Garcia-Peyalo utilised a computer to go through the Roulette Wheels of Casino de Madrid properly. Later he applied his collected knowledge on the table of the Casino and won more than $1 million in the stretch of several years.

3. Even the recent innovation has supported the players to get winning over the wheel of fortune.For instance in recent times a group of Londoners used special laser cameras and perfect microchip to spot the ball’s path. In this way they predicted the technical possible way of the ball and its final resting place very closely. They became fortunate to won 1.3 million in that way. The occurrence took place at a casino of London in 2004.

Should you play online? Start with the free roulette game for fun and test to see if your system works. The free game offers fair spin results for testing. Most of the free games offered by casinos are actually rigged, to make you win more than you lose.

Even scientists are always ready to crack the system as they were before. In early 1961 the famous mathematician Claude Shannon invented a computer to find the likely numbers of bet. A group of computer genius cum hackers about regularly hunted the casinos wearing concealed computers in their shoes around 1970s. Their sole intention was to defeat the wheel as well.

Finally it can be said that the players should keep himself/herself apart from the lime-lights and other casino activities and secure his main intention on the table of the game. He/she should use clear understanding about it ignoring the stupid myths about it. The scientific study on it can be most helpful in this situation as it helps to study the layout of the table and the ball very clearly.

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