How to Play Roulette at the Casino

This article explains the basics of how to play roulette at the casino, but see the professional tips for winning roulette from for more advanced information and tips to win.

Some of the most basic things that every roulette player must know include the roulette table, spinning ball and the roulette wheel. Once a player is comfortable with these, knowing how to play roulette at the casino is as simple as understanding the basics of the game, and the rules of the betting process. It is still possible to make money at the casino playing the gambling game.

Understanding the Table Layout

Roulette wheelThe roulette table layout has a set of numbers, regions, and figures that the players need to bet on in as many spins as possible. However, there are two types of tables across the world, the American roulette tables and the European roulette tables. The distinguishing feature of the two tables is either the presence of a double zero in the American roulette table or a single zero in the European roulette table. The initial step that one should take before playing is to select the roulette wheel and roulette table to use. This is important in determining the winning chances, with the American table having a house edge of -5.26% and the European table having a house edge of -2.7%. For novice players, selecting the European table is the best option to begin your betting experience as it has at least fewer chances of losing.

In the European table, there is a set of numbers, arranged into sectors of columns and rows. The numbers systems give the players the opportunity to bet either a straight number or combination of numbers. Straight number bets occur when the player chooses a single number between zero and thirty-six. They have the highest returns, with the highest marginal returns ratio pegged at 1:35, but they are the hardest to win to a novice player. The outside bets available on the roulette table are believed to have definite returns by the beginner players, but the professional players’ would dispute the theory. They are the bets that have the lowest returns, and the ones that every player focused on winning great results should avoid.

Understanding the Roulette Betting Process

The betting process begins when the players agree to place bets on the table, selecting the possible numbers where they feel the spin ball would settle. Every number chosen carries along a sum of money that players agree to pay. When betting process continues, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and sets the spin ball in an opposite direction to the wheel. After several spins, he declares the end of the betting before the ball ultimately stops. He can do this by declaring loudly a “no more bet” phrase or by waving his hands over the wheel. The number onto which the ball finally stops identifies the winners who must have placed their bets on the number. The number can also conform to the color bet, sector bet, value bet, each of which carries different payouts.

The winners are paid their winning amounts depending on the type of bet they made. Losers do not get any payment but lose their bet amounts. Once the process is complete, the players can make another bet, the dealer spins the roulette wheel, and the winners are determined and get their pay. The procedure continues over and over, as long as the players still have their bankrolls positive. They can continue to make more bets, sometimes winning and sometimes losing.

Factors to Consider In a Safe Play on Roulette Bet

Any betting strategy should start with proper roulette system testing. See the martingale roulette betting system page so you can avoid systems that don’t work. Roulette gambling game is designed to create losers and winners at the same time. However, the casino management, represented by the dealers and the pit bosses cannot allow a sustained streak of winning on any single player. However, an advantage player may make an occasional win, as long as they do not let the pit bosses and the dealers notice their pattern of winning. The average players who also lose the bet are advised to check on their bankrolls. Novice players who are likely to lose most often can make a bankroll budget that gives them safe risk level. The roulette winning tips that only encourages players to increase their bet amounts as a way of winning and covering previous losses only works to advantage the roulette owners. Betting to win on the roulette system, therefore, requires more advanced strategies, with an elaborate analysis of the roulette systems so as to create a predictable bias with the roulette wheel.

How to Beat the Roulette Wheel

For a player who has been searching the best tips on how to play roulette at the casino, the best approach would be to use physical systems that involve analysis of the roulette wheel, and determine its bias areas. The use of physics is more important than the use of any other means to determine the roulette wheel bias. However, the uses of roulette computers have become some of the most reliable ways to predict the possible result of any betting session. For players who would want to have advantages play over the other players, the uses of these two methods are advised.

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