Which American Roulette Strategy Wins?

An American roulette strategy that wins is the same as a system for European roulette. See the best winning roulette strategies compared and learn professional tips for winning roulette.

roulette-wheel-034The popularity of roulette is due to its exciting but simple nature. A French word meaning little wheel gave birth to the term Roulette. The prime aspect of roulette gambling is the betting table. You will find plenty of roulette systems available in the casino market compared to other casino games. However, most of the strategies regarding roulette playing tend to fail. Are you are seeking help with learning American roulette strategy? The article unveils its various aspects.

Learn the Basics of Roulette

Start with the instructions for playing roulette which teaches basic rules and procedures. Roulette can be played in two different styles, the American and the European. While the European wheel is played with single zero, American wheel is played with double zero. The sequence of numbers in these wheels is different. American wheel layout owns one additional pocket for having the double zero playing system. The additional pocket is green. There are no other differences in these two variations of roulette wheels. Most of the roulette wheel manufacturers use the same outer parts to make both types of wheels.

The odds and payouts for each roulette wheel system are slightly different from one another. There are two types of bets available such as the inside bets and the outside bets. However, the betting limit for each type is different. Payouts tend to be much higher in inside bets. That is why; players can bet more on outside bets.

Odds are quite significant in roulette playing as it explains your chance of winning. You can only change the odds by using advanced play method. In such methods, rules of physics are used to predict the winning numbers. However, the focus of roulette remains on the player edge.

American Roulette Playing System


Mostly, people who are trying their luck in gambling for the first time, play roulette with some misconceptions. Novice roulette player often makes mistakes like increasing the bets after losing. Few players consider the American roulette strategy during the game to predict the winning numbers. The fundamental idea of playing roulette is to try putting a bet on winning numbers. However, most of the roulette systems do not explain why and how the ball lands where it ultimately does. Even if it sounds strange, that is the mystery of roulette.

For your understanding, you might wish to bet on red and increase the betting amount if you lose. The theory behind this habit is to win back the amount you have lost in next round of play. Actually, by following this strategy, you are increasing the wager amount in your next spin. Players need to know that one spin has no inter-relation with the following spin. Therefore, this assumed concept is not justifiable for long term playing.

No matter what, the best bet is obviously the one where the ball lands. On a realistic note, it is impossible to predict a winning number of each spin. However, you can make an idea on the bouncing area of the ball and get a random accuracy by it. The house edge of the roulette game is quite small. In order to put the odds in their favor, players require possessing a little accuracy in predictions. Assuming the bouncing area of the ball might seem quite difficult as the spin speed is controlled by the dealer. Once you provide enough time to learn the strategies, American roulette will seem more predictable game than you may think.

Best American Roulette Strategies

See the roulette table layout details which are only marginally different for the double zero table. According to the experts, Beginners prefer to play on European wheels rather than the American one. The extra pocket in American roulette system makes the game more mysterious and challenging. Undoubtedly, experienced and pro players like to try their luck in American wheel even if the casino advantage is higher in it. Some players even love to play RNG roulette which is actually not roulette at all. It is more like a slot machine and cannot be beaten for a prolonged time. By learning the strategies, you can only beat real roulette which is equipped with a real physical wheel.

Before learning the strategies, you should know that you cannot beat all types of roulette system in all casinos. The main thing that you should keep in mind while playing roulette is to be realistic no matter what. Knowing the strategies mean you will be accustomed to what techniques will work and what not. Without using the rules of physics, no one can win repeatedly for the long-term basis especially while playing American roulette.

The successful and effective factors are:

  • Playing on real roulette wheel rather than playing online
  • Using roulette wheel physics during the game
  • Putting bets on the basis of wheel sectors.

You also need to spend time learning why most of the roulette strategies do not work on different roulette systems. Betting progression, lack of knowledge on the house of edge, thought of ‘due’ amount, not observing the patterns and neglecting the mathematics and statistics are certain things that roulette players should avoid. The only mantra to be well aware of American roulette strategy is to go through different websites and get proper information on a regular basis.

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